Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Anniversary To Me and My Husband

Today is a special day for me. 

13 years ago, I married my husband. 

On a beach in St. Thomas.

In a wedding that was just us, the JOP, and a lizard, and he planned the entire thing (my husband, not the lizard). 

I knew nothing; not the location, not the date, not the honeymoon plans. The only thing he would tell me is that my dress should be geared towards warm weather. 

On that bright sunny day, we were happy. 

The cruise around the Caribbean was the best vacation ever - sightseeing, scuba diving, and well...honeymooning.

This was my formal half-head cornrow look - hey, when in Rome (or the Caribbean) right?
Today, we are very happy.

In the years between, there have been some ups and downs, some twists and turns, but we've always managed to come back stronger than ever.

To my husband, all my love TTA


  1. aw, happy anniversary!!! you look beautiful- love the cornrows. :)

  2. happy anniversary! ours is tomorrow so I will be posting also. enjoy your special day

  3. Happy Anniversary Jill! Love the cornrows! Did it hurt while you were getting them done?

  4. You were as cute as a button then as you are now.

    Happy 13th.


  5. You two make the cutest couple. What a romantic story!

    Happy anniversary.

  6. Very romantic wedding for a happy couple!

    (Sharing your anniversary is Jenny from "Everyday is a Holiday" blog.)

  7. Happy anniversary!! I love beach weddings, so romantic!!

  8. Aww you guys are so cute! Happy "belated" Anniversary Jill! And you totally own the cornrows ;)

  9. Happy Anniversay, my friend! You seriously rock those rows...LOVE IT!

  10. Happy anniversary! Popped over from Cassie's, and the cornrows reminded me of when i did that on a cruise a million years ago. Now I want to see the after picture when you took them out!



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