Sunday, September 23, 2012

To Paint or Not To Paint

This is the tale of a sad little table. So sad that nobody wanted it. Except me - I saw side tables are needed at Casa Vagabond de Junky. 

 It was dirty and in serious need of sanding

It was missing some detail

It had a broken foot

And was in need of a little gluing was made in the good ole U.S.A, and is solid mahogany.

Enter Citrastrip

Looking better
stripped top

stripped bottom - too bad this wasn't the top!

Ok, now I had a decision to make - paint or no paint? Since it was not in pristine shape, it wouldn't be a crime to paint it. While waffling deciding on a design for the top, a little wax couldn't hurt, could it?

See the difference a little Minwax paste wax makes?
half waxed - the wax deepens the color of the wood and brings out the grain
In the end, painting over the whole top seemed wrong. But highlighting the claw feet and detail on top was just the right touch

I'm keeping my options open on this one. A design might appear one day on it, but for now the silver highlights strike the right note. Too bad the same can't be said for my hair. Sigh.

Showing this off at: 
Primitive and Proper POWW
Funky Junk Saturday Nite Special
Redoux Interiors 


  1. You have saved that sweet little table from the same fate as my curbside finds AND you already transformed it!! Bravo! She's going to shine in your house as it slowly, but surely comes together. You've inspired me to get up off the couch and get something done today. Right after I catch up on the blogs. :@

  2. ooh i love it and i think the silver and wood are SO fun together! i am so happy you saved it and loved it and hugged it and squeezed it.

  3. Love what you did with it! It turned out great!


  4. hahaha, i'm not sure i would have had your vision, but what a looker now! also, you crack me up!! silver can be an excellent highlight - look at stacy london from what not to wear!! ;-D

  5. that is the pretty little side table I've been looking for! For like a year! I love what you did with it (I have a thing for claw feet).

  6. Those feet don't need no shoes, they are beautiful naked.


  7. It turned out great, love the silver. But I wonder---since the bottom was so nice, and the bit of detailing missing--could you have reversed the top,so the bottom side was up? Not suggesting that is what YOU should have done, just have wheels turning, and wonder. I think you did an amazing job! I have a "thing" for little tables, to the point my family makes fun of me. I am glad you saved her.

    1. Hi Sandra - thanks for the suggestion! I did think about it, but in the end, that little missing piece wasn't enough to make me care enough to turn it over. And there is some method for recasting these kind of things...somewhere in the bowels of Pinterest. So I can always try that out when I get motivated :)

  8. It's gorgeous! I love the silver details... just the right amount of bling...

    I'm so glad yo saved that lovely little feller!

  9. Hi. It is nice to know that you are close by. I'm in Fairfax, VA. Lovely table!

    1. Thanks! It's nice to hear from my new 'neighbors'. Love your furniture transformations too!

  10. 2 thumbs up!! I adore the silver details and those

  11. Oh the silver feet are genius! Wax is just such an amazing tool as well!

  12. Question for you. My experience with more "natural" strippers has been a bit iffy. My last project has been stripped and resanding 4 times and the paint still isn't drying correctly. This was following the directions and scrubbing really well to get it clean after the stripper. Any suggestions from your experience? It has been almost enough to cure of me of additional DIY projects.


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