Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Change is Good

Here's an easy fix that might not occur to everyone - spray paint. It's a miracle worker in a can.

This star is everywhere but my frugality prevents me from paying more than $5 for one. Sooooooo, when this one showed up in the clearance bin at Home Goods (LOVE Home Goods!) for $3.99, I snagged it! It was an ok color, but it didn't stand out against my light walls.
Here it is against my garage wall - got so excited it was warm out that
I forgot to take the 'before' pic - oops!

Enter Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint
This stuff sticks to everything, and can be sprayed upside down

After a light sanding, I set it out on the lawn and gave it a couple of quick sprays:

This color is AWESOME! I thought it was like the oil rubbed bronze you see on curtain rods and such, but HELLO! this has a sparkle to it!!

I saw it under the sun, and I tried to get a close up of it…but this was the best I could do, next to my lavender monster.

SO pretty! This might be my new fav color and it literally took 5 minutes. You only have to wait a few minutes between coats and it took 3 to completely cover it. 

And the grass will grow and get cut, right? Plus, I have a surprise for this patch of grass coming in the next month or so…don't worry, I'll post pics!
The white is from yet another spray painting project...
And now for the reveal in our bedroom; I'll apologize in advance for the lighting - we have the upstairs bedroom in a bungalow with little natural light. If you can believe it, I have 6 lights going here:

It stands out so much better now and is exactly what I envisioned when on my quest for a star on the cheap.

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Go forth and find something to make over with spray paint!


  1. I loved this post! I found it delightfully fun!:)

  2. I love this...I am glad to see someone as frugal (and proud to be!!) as I am!! I am the Queen of the Ikea As Is section...currently guarding my thrown like nobody's business! Thanks for following - I am your newest follower too. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging...

  3. Adorable!
    Spray paint really is amazing!!!

  4. @Little Brick Ranch - I am well acquainted with the As-Is section of EVERY store :) Sometimes, that's the only place I go in the store!

    Looking forward to your home updates - love following DIYers!

    @Misty - thanks! I can't wait until the weather stays drier and warmer to keep going with the spray paint projects that have been piling up all winter.

  5. Thank you SO much for following! I'm your newest follower now too! And I LOVE this project and the mason jar memories one - mason jars and scrapbooking are definitely some of my most favorite things ever! LOVE it and can't wait to explore more of your blog... : )

  6. Well done, gee I wish we had a home goods store near us. I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Hugs!

  7. great idea! spray can really does work wonders doesn't it?? i need to use that more often!

  8. Adriel - spray paint is great...if applied correctly. I've had a few rushed projects that ended up drippy. It looked fine until it was too late. Maybe it was the brand...


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