Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Clueless in Bloggy-Land

A big Thank You to a post I recently read and a fellow blogger who clued me into something that is a big no-no out in the blogosphere; no-reply profiles.

I was happily commenting on all the great posts from my new friends and was getting a comment back every once in a while. No biggie - everyone's busy, but it sure was nice to get a comment back or an actual email!

I thought I had everything set up correctly when I read this post from Eisy Morgan's blog 'Are You A Non-Reply...?" Well, I had everything taken care of (I thought with just a smidgen of superiority). Then I got an email from a blogger I recently started following, Adriel at The Mommyhood Memos. She emailed me that she had tried to reply to some of my comments (from my 'happily commenting' hours), and low and behold! she was getting a no-reply!



Turns out I was signed into another of my email profiles and it didn't have email turned on :( I believe it's all sorted out now, but who know? So many settings, so much confusion...

Big thank you's to Adriel and Ashley for putting me on the right path. Without helpful people like them, the world is a lonely, noreply-commenting place.

Fellow bloggers: What has been your latest 'oops' when it comes to blogging? C'mon, 'fess up ;)

Here's a sneak peek at my latest (or one of them) that's in progress and should be done soon:


  1. I just went to double check my profile... just in case. All good! Can't wait to see your latest project when it's done!
    - Andrea

  2. Can't wait to see this project! Looks very interesting and I just bet you will do something crazy awesome with it!
    I had a big no no too that made somebody mad. I'm checking my profile also. It's so nice when others are kind enough to take the time to help other fellow bloggers out.
    Thanks Jill!

  3. Cool, I am always leaving a long reply to someone, then notice the no reply! urggh! I've posted about it too, but glad you are helping spread the word, the fun part is the communicating!

    Waiting and watching to see what you create!

  4. Hey Mimi - I couldn't email you back, you might want to check your profile settings. Make sure you check all the emails you use.

    Lezlee - I'm just trying to pay it forward from all the wisdom I've soaked up these past few weeks! I figure it bears repeating :) I'm hoping to have my latest creation done soon!!!

  5. For a long time I didn't even have my comments set up to my email, so I'd read the comments and copy the email address and paste it a new message on my email and it was ridiculous...I still have a lot to learn.

  6. I have been emailing nonreplybloggers all week trying to set them straight!! I considered it my personal mission so I am glad to see other people out there helping me out!! :)

    I dont know how to create a link back...anyone able to clue me in on this??

  7. So glad I could help! I wish Blogger made it more obvious when you do a sign up. All they would need to do is write a question on the dashboard like "Do you want people to be able to reply to your comments? Then enter your reply-to email address here: _________" Come on Blogger, get with the program! :)


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