Saturday, April 23, 2011

Curb Alert!

Who got excited when garbage day came around this week? ME, that's who!

Our across-the-street neighbors were moving out and they put a table out by the curb. Three days before trash day, so that's how I knew they must be moving out. We never really talked, so they didn't know to give it to me in the first place!

I spotted this like a hawk spots a mouse in the field:

I hemmed and hawed for a day, feeling strange about showing my other neighbors my junky ways.
It almost went to a guy who drove by in a truck. As soon as I saw him slow down, my hemming and hawing turned into 'Oh no you don't!' and I was across the street in a flash with my hubs to snag it.

Sure, it's weathered and chippy, and a little wobbly too. However, it's exactly the type of project I like to work on. If it all works out, I have the cutest little table; if it doesn't, it becomes more workspace. Winning (duh).

And look! There's more! Three days later, they are still moving out...and still moving things out to the curb. Since it was daylight and the folks were there, I had time to ask before snatching these. Who doesn't need more drawers?

Bonus is that they are in perfect condition. It's a shame these could've ended up in a landfill :( Extra bonus is they didn't get rained on.


  1. Yippee!! What a great find!! Even if you need to get a new top just to salvage those legs it will be soooo worth it!!

  2. Love the table. And those legs are great. I live in the country and have no neighbors to get curb finds from. I have to go drive around the neighboring towns, but I have snagged some great windows that way. Can't wait to see what you do with it.



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