Thursday, April 21, 2011

Small but Significant Finds

My brother was in town last weekend and he graciously agreed to come with me to a couple of estate sales. He said he didn't mind. Really!

Anyway, the first estate sale was of the normal variety - lots of collectibles and knick-knacks. I found a few things (of course):

Gave this to my hubs - he rides and I thought he should get something out of all this crazyness ;)

This will get made over

It was in good shape and a larger size, so it came home with me

Saving the best estate sale for the last one of the day; it was the estate of a woman who had been salvaging architectural pieces from historic Detroit buildings for decades. I had a feeling this would be a junker's dream...and was I right!

The house, the garage, and the carriage house were filled with architectural salvage, old odds and ends, antiques, collectibles; you name it, it was probably there somewhere. Much digging was done that day.
Taken in the carriage house

Since I'm on a budget, money and space-wise, I could only drool at some of the bigger pieces. Church bells, concrete pediments, card catalogs, hutches, tables...I'm drooling even now, just thinking about it. My brother even got into it and was off exploring on his own for about half the time there. Here are a few of his pics:
Not sure why the fur captured my brother's attention...don't judge.

An extremely cool spiral staircase that led to even more goodies.

Santa anyone?

My haul was small but significant:

Beautiful old frame (old print, not so beautiful)

More lovely mason jars, 2 with the older lids.

I fell in love with this rusty, crusty basket!

Vintage shoe shine caddy? Yes please!

I seem to be collecting these; better make something with them!

Love this! It's going to be reproduced in some way.

Drool :) 

Pretty round frame - snagged two of them. They are stamped Italy on the back.

So, that's my haul. The fun part of junk shopping is getting a window into another vintage enthusiast's world. The not so fun part is leaving a lot of the wonderfulness behind! Next time I'm in a house like that, I'll have to remember to document the deliciousness better!

How do you rein yourself in when it comes to your favorite shopping trips?

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  1. Oh my gosh, I don't know where to start! I love the basket, the shoe shine box, Actually I was drooling over all of it! lol. So glad you found junkblossoms so I could follow you back to your blog. I love it. Following you too! I grew up in the Detroit suburbs. Good to see another Michigander. Blessings, Pat.

  2. Wow this is all great stuff! I love the old pinball machine.

  3. Looks like you made out with some great finds from those sales! Love the shoe caddy and jars!


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