Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Staying Current

All those crafty signs out in the blogosphere are so cute that I decided to make a few of my own. Now these may not be as fancy and beautiful as the signs that look like they're from an old country store, but they are current!

I cut out a couple of letters from a blank stencil form and it was such a pain that only a few letters actually made the cut (HA!) Turns out they make up quite a few letters with a curve and a straight edge, so they're perfect for lazy old me.

I traced the letters out using an extra fine paint pen and a ruler to make sure my edges were really straight. These are on 4x6 canvas artist boards, painted in a few base colors. I painted the letters using acrylic paints, mixed with a glossy medium, then highlighted each letter with a paint pen in a coordinating color.

I had another sign - 'LOL'- that was totally messed up and got painted over to start again. There are a few more sayings that will get painted soon as this whole project is quick and easy!

Don't you just love a quick and easy and fun project?


  1. Cute signs! I like easy. These would be great in a teenagers room :)

  2. Very nice! And they would be perfect for a teen's room. I love your blog so I'm passing on The Kreativ Blogger Award to you! Drop on over to accept it.

  3. very cute! could end up as a lovely sapce filled for an empty wall, some order in a messy teenage room or even an addition to another larger project... imagine a headboard in a teenage room...

    Love the project.

  4. Omg! IDK, my BFF Jill! Lol!

    You rock!

    Love these! They're fun and totally current. Also, "Made the cut" made me snort-laugh, seriously!

  5. I'm mortified to admit that I'm only now catching up on my blog reading/Reader time and just saw this, but whatever, I love this - so fun and cute. Love the modern + retro! : )


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