Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thrifty (?) Finds

I don't know about you, but do you think Thrift Shops are onto us? The prices are outta control!! I went to 4 shops today and got all this:

The chairs were picked for me by a friend - they are awesome and solid (and were free!!), but the rest were thrift finds.

I'm a sucker for anything wood - I can redo it all with spray paint :) I'm in a green mood and snatched up those 2 green metal trays.

4 old Scrabble games!! Planning on making some necklaces/altered art with the tiles. The old, old books are bibles - couldn't pass them up for $1 each. Wire tote just because, and a box with compartments which will get some type of makeover. The wood board is becoming signage.

Aren't these cubby things amazing?? The might be perfect storage for my paints, unless they get turned into something else ;) They were only $2 each, so I guess all in all, my finds were cheap. There was so much that wasn't - it stayed in the store :)

At this point, I'm having much better luck at estate sales - where do you find the best deals?


  1. I love those cubby things. You should definately do something cute with those!! I completely agree with the thrift store prices! For the most part they are WAY too high! I usually find my best stuff at yard sales. I found LOTS of great stuff lately at a church yard sale AND all the proceeds went to help tornado victims! And you know me, I love the curb finds. :) hehehhe

  2. Great finds! Most of the things I get a given to me, but then it's just wood boards. We don't have thrift stores in this small town and I work every Saturday so yard sales are out. I do occasionally send my mom to Goodwill when she goes to the big city. So I tend to make all my stuff!

  3. Prices are way too high at the thrift stores!!! TOO many folks are now shopping at them...
    Garage sales and estate sales are where I find my "stuff"..

  4. Great finds, well done! Love the chairs, so much potential there.Happy Friday. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Please stop by my blog I'm having a great giveaway. Hugs!

  5. Me like. All of it is good stuff. I never see estate sales around us, but maybe because I never look. We do have garage sales though. I love the wire basket and scrabble pieces would definately come in handy. Speaking of which we have two games already. Hummmmmm....maybe I could do something with them. Tomorrow is Garage Sale day so maybe I can take my $20.00 and find something great.

  6. I love the cubbies! And I find that thrift stores have been raising their prices everywhere - especially on furniture!

  7. Those cubbies are awesome! I can think of so many cool uses for those! It looks like you found some great stuff.

  8. Ok, so I'm a bit behind. You got some great finds! good job!!!

  9. Love your finds! We have several Scrabble games around our house... but that's just because we're a couple of nerds who love Scrabble. I'll have to be on the look out for some that I can use for crafty projects!

  10. I can't believe it! My daughter and I just picked up the exact match to your round back chair on the left, Tuesday nite, off the the side of the road. The seat was broken, and I was going to leave it, but she said: "aww mom. It's cute and you can fix anything!" Just yesterday I took it apart and put new dowels in it. It is in my garage right now, glued and clamped!!
    I agree about the thrift stores. I was just out yesterday and didn't buy anything. I saw stuff I could buy new at a cheaper price! They are getting ridiculous!!


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