Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Going Bananas

Ever have a need and just want to fix it simply and easily? Here's something that I finally took care of that should make my hubs very happy.

What in the world?

My husband has a problem with bananas. Not in the 'They're just so yellow' or 'Why do they always travel in bunches' type of problem; he loves them, but hates how they get bruised just sitting around. I know, I know - just get a banana hanger and be done with it, right?

Well, if you have the infamous galley kitchen with ONE countertop space to work with you know my answer: Just Say No! to anything else on the counters. I'm forever shoving stuff in a drawer or cabinet to get it off the counter. Drives my husband crazy when I put his wallet in the drawer, but I digress.

To fix the problem without adding to counter clutter (shudder), I simply drilled a small pilot hole into the cabinet and screwed in a simple hook.

To those of you who are hesitant to drill into perfectly fine cabinets, I say: it's underneath, it's wood and meant to be drilled into, and if you take it out later - a little wood putty takes care of the small hole. Go ahead and drill if it makes your life a little easier.

To those of you who wonder if the hook isn't decorative enough or if stands out, take a look:

It doesn't really stand out too much as it's near the radio (which is also hung from the cabinets and off the counter), and when the hook is being used properly...

...it's not seen at all. Since we always have bananas in the house, this should work just fine and it only cost 36 cents. Not everything has to be decorative folks.

Alas, the counter was only cleared for the pictures and is now filled with mail, assorted water bottles, and other household clutter *sigh*.

As a sneak peak of what I've been working on for a little while and am impatiently waiting on a delivery to finish:

More on that piece coming soon! Until then, I'm going to go take advantage of the beautiful weather and spray paint my little heart out :) Happy August everyone!

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