Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pretty in White

It's been a productive few weeks here. I've been having fun transforming some furniture picked up over the summer.

Here is the second of the two dressers I just finished giving a makeover. The first dresser went to my brother and was stained and modernized with new handles. It was nice getting back to rehabbing furniture and I suspect it might be something I do more often.

The second dresser is a vintage lowboy that's seen better days:

It has a mirror, but this one is going to our vacation house and will be sitting under a sloped ceiling. Guess I'll have to figure out what else to do with the mirror...hmmmm...

Anyway, this piece has some damage on the top:

Painted white was the way to go with this one. I primed it with SW high adhesion primer after a little sanding. Seemed like the right thing to do:

I had a problem almost immediately with the SW paint. It was a hot day, and maybe that was it. Every brush stroke seemed to drag. There was absolutely no smoothing on of paint and it was extremely frustrating. It was so bad that even sanding didn't smooth it out. It took three coats and tons of sanding before I surrendered.

After a boatload of swearing shrugging it off, I figured it was good enough. Next up, the handles. Of course, the center-to-center measurement wasn't standard and the new handles I was dreaming of were not to be. Guess the yucky old handles were going to have to work:


After a bit of spray-painting, naturally they looked much better. Here is the finished dresser in my garage:

And here it is in its new home; my master bedroom:

Overcast days do not make for good pictures, and I was too lazy didn't have anything to stage the top with, but it might get some other treatment so it might not be quite finished. Maybe a stencil? A bit of distressing? I wanted to live with it plain for awhile before doing anything else to it. Plus, I was feeling lazy mostly happy with it.

This is just a sneak peek of something that's been on my to-do list since it was bought:

I bought it intending to paint it immediately...yet it's been two years. This might be the year :) And here I thought I was being productive :)

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  1. The dresser looks great, what a transformation!

  2. I like it, it turned out so much better than what you started with! I love your cross outs of 'feeling lazy', cause I'm totally there with ya! haha!


  3. It does look great in white with the silver handles/knobs. I have a 'hope chest' in the original finish. Maybe...

  4. I think it looks wonderful as it is now! What a beautiful piece. And those drawer pulls are great.


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