Sunday, October 16, 2011

Running for More Birthdays

Today, I ran and finished my first half marathon! 

I ran for the American Cancer Society
the official sponsor of birthdays, on the DetermiNation team

I ran for my Aunt Carol - a two-time cancer survivor

I ran for everyone affected by cancer

I kept running and didn't stop for the entire 13.1 miles because my sore knees and feet were nothing compared to what someone being treated for cancer, or their family goes through. 

The 34th Annual Detroit Free Press Marathon is a unique marathon because it involves two international crossings:

  • You get to run across The Ambassador Bridge - a suspension bridge connecting Detroit, Michigan to Windsor, Ontario, Canada and the busiest border crossing between the US and Canada

  • After running through the friendly streets of Canada, we get to run for a mile, 75 feet underwater - back through the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel - the second busiest border crossing between the US and Canada.

Running through the streets of Detroit, with thousands cheering you on from the sidelines, made for an awesome run for more birthdays on a chilly Sunday morning.


  1. Go Jill Go!!!

    That is awesome! I think my sister and cousin ran the same half marathon you did...Bummer I couldn't be there to cheer y'all on! Good for you, now time to relax :)

  2. Way to go Jill! What a great cause to run for on your first mini. I'm sure the more birthdays campaign was a powerful motivator!

  3. That is so awesome! I have such respect for you! Thank you for running for all those affected by cancer. Sounds like it would be pretty to cross into Canada!

  4. It sounds like quite an event! Congratulations on finishing your first half marathon-impressive!

  5. Good for you! Although I don't like to say never, there are exceptions to every rule and I am fairly certain that it will NEVER be me that does this type of thing.

  6. Way to go Jill! Congrats on finishing your first marathon!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS on completing your run...and for such an important cause too...


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