Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday's Letters

Here we are for another edition of Friday's Letters.


Thank you Gwen for introducing me to my favorite post because even if I'm knee-deep and weeks into a project, and don't have anything to show you, I can still post this.

Dear Scalp,

How about you start filling in some of that hair you've been losing, hmmm? No, really. Start now. Don't make me go all Rogaine on you.

Dear Hair,

I know the maternal side of the family goes gray early (like in our 20's), and you've been good for many years of 'just a few here and there' grays, but I feel the need to tell you that the lengths that you have gone to are a little extreme lately. (hair pun - har) Two weeks in between gray roots is not long enough; can we go back to colorings every 4 weeks minimum? It's getting a little expensive to still look like little ole brunette me.

This is just after a cut that's a graduated bob with sideswept bangs - flat ironing doesn't help with the thin look. After I style it myself, it'll be a little bouncier. I should probably think about coloring it soon too.

Dear Gray Paint,

ACK! 6 plus samples and still not the right shade. More being bought today. At this point, you might be out of contention as a color in my house. Every shade looks too blue, too purple, too green, too dark, too light, too brown. Something nefarious happens between the shade in the store to the shade in the can to the shade on my walls. I think I've tried most of the shades recommended as 'the perfect gray', and am giving a few more a try as a last ditch effort. On a positive note, I have tons of samples to make chalk paint with and with which to paint lots of projects. (Random grammar - my specialty.)

This pic is pretty true of the colors - all of these are 'gray' in some form or fashion. I'm thinking the one to the right of the three lightest ones is the one to beat. It was color matched to MS Stonington Gray. They all looked lighter in the can! The three on the far left all looked white when first painted on. I taped up the chips next to all of them just to see if the color was true, and it was. After seeing what they look like at night, I may just make a decision...probably.

Dear Self,

Please stop doubting yourself when it comes to your projects. You have style, you have taste, you have an eye for what works; if you continue to second-guess yourself, sh*t just won't get done! You go with your bad self! Ryan Gosling would most certainly agree.

Dear Thighs and Booty,

I was skeptical all this running was making a difference until I put on those jeans. Yes, 'those' jeans. Thanks for showing me it's all worth it!

Dear Scale,

I am no longer listening to you; ask Thighs and Booty why we're breaking up.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Cut short layers. Hehehe. It hides the gray roots longer, but then you'd have, as my girls call it, MOM hair.
    I can relate to the whole picking a paint color. I bought 9 quarts (they didn't have those little sample jars in our small town) of terra cotta for my kitchen. Guess which one I picked. The very first quart I had mixed.
    And now I want to paint it off-white. Here we go again.
    Kudos to you for running. I need to get these thighs on the walking trail again. Happy trails!

    1. MOM hair - had it and loved it, been growing it out for 4 years :) There's nothing that's going to hide the gray, so people are just used to seeing me with a skunk stripe. Good luck with the off-white - that might be even harder to pick with all the undertones!

  2. dear jill, you are adorable!
    dear jill's thighs, could you have a chat with mine? i have been walking hills for 6 months and they don't seem to have my back (side) like you do for jill. thanks, much appreciated.

    1. dear Cassie - my thighs will have a talk with your thighs; just don't be surprised if they laugh at us :)

  3. Love this Friday post. Great way to end the week! I feel you on the grey thing. It was a nightmare picking grey for my house and I would say I ended up with a color a shade two from white with a slight grey tinge lol

    1. Thanks! Glad you're enjoying my little ramblings ;) I think the slight grey tinge is probably underrated as a go-to color for someone wanting a good neutral; just enough color to make a difference without being stark white.

  4. hey girly! i saw you over on ashleys page! {fridays letters} and wanted to say i love your blog!

    lovely letters as well!

    happy to be your newest bloggy friend/follower/stalker ;)

    say hi back sometime? <3

  5. Grey is my favorite color for the house. (Our family room is grey.) Sorry you're having such trouble picking on out. Good Luck!

  6. ha loved your thigh and jeans letter! amen to that! found you via the link up! :) xo

  7. I have a cousin that went gray at 16--- true story. crazy, right? You are so cute! If I were you I would box color the roots myself because it does get pricey! love your letters, thanks for linking up with me!!!


  8. I've been giving my scale the cold shoulder...a number ain't nothin' but a number. The jeans NEVER lie!! And I have faith you will find your perfect gray.

  9. dear jill,

    the gray hit me in the head with a bat at 25. two weeks between splashing the roots? it's a GIFT!

    ...and you're adorable!!

  10. LOL! I just adore your Friday letter! So funny and fresh and refreshing ... though there was a bit of a gray theme going on this week ...


    And I feel your gray paint pain. I thought I found a perfect shade and then painted my upstairs hallway and my son comes home and called it blue. And my husband came home and called it blue. Arrrgh! Back to the store. I ended up with BM Pikes Peak Gray. Just another suggestion! But it may be darker than you want ...

  11. i've been working out, too. btw, I'm having a 100+ Follower Urban Decay Giveaway! I hope you enter :) ♥

  12. Dear Jill,

    I have the perfect gray. But my hair won't tell me what color it is. Oh, well. My thighs are jealous of your thighs...

    I miss my Friday's Letters... Oh, oh, oh... glad I get to read yours!


  13. Hey Jill - my Dad (whose side I favor) never had a gray hair until he was 65 so I just knew I was booked! Silly me - I have to touch up every 2 weeks now and I'm not in the 60s yet :)
    As for gray paint - I think it is very hard to find the right shade. There are so many warm and cool shades of gray but, if you find the right one it makes everything else in the room look amazing! And you with your creative eye you will find the right one. Thanks for figuring it out for the rest of us!!!! Can't wait to see what you choose.
    Really fun post!
    And..oh yea - I haven't been on the scalees


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