Wednesday, June 13, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Well hello there, where have you been? Oh yeah, it's me that's been AWOL :) 

I've been taking it easy on my latest project due to lack of motivation and inspiration. It's all well and good until a project doesn't come together and then it's just meh. 

In the meantime, I got it into my head to do some freezer make-ahead meals. Armed with a shopping list and recipes, it was time to get some healthy dinners in the freezer. 

I don't usually show you my escapades in the kitchen, but it was my most productive day this week. Cooking is not my specialty; choosing yummy stuff off a menu is. Occasionally though, I do throw some stuff together for a home-cooked meal. All the recipes are found on Pinterest by searching 'easy crock pot meals' or 'freeze ahead'.

I tend to customize my recipes, and won't be listing them. Plus they may not turn out and I don't want the blame for a crock pot debacle.

This is after shopping and pulling my spices out of the cupboard:

Yes, I carried that aqua into the kitchen. One day I'll show you more than a peek.

The menus are printed out, the bags are labeled, and I'm ready to prep!

It's not completely full, but there are 20 make ahead meals in there. Some grilling meat that's sitting in marinade, but mostly crock pot meals. Easy.

Oh, and most of the meals are just the sauce and meat and spices; the recipes call for adding veggies within the last 30 min or so. Otherwise, they turn to mush so say the experts. Makes prep that much easier to just worry about veggies/sides at dinner time.

While I was cruising around Pinterest, I found a site for healthy desserts. Ok, I'll bite ;)

What does this...

...and these have in common?

It whips up a delicious and healthy bowl of yummy goodness!

Cookie Dough Dip via Chocolate Covered

Honestly - I had about two spoonfuls before dinner and it's sitting in the fridge waiting for dessert. Even my husband (who's a bit picky and suspicious when I say, 'Try this') thought this was yummy. Until I told him it was made with beans. Now it's all mine!!

 Check out Chocolate Covered Katie and her site of yummy goodness - the recipe for Cookie Dough Dip and much more is all there. I can't wait to try a few more...oh who am I kidding? ...most all of her recipes!


  1. i made that dip for emmy's bday party in january and i LOVED it! the adults liked it but the kids did not! guess they knew it might be healthy.

  2. I've been wanting to prep a month's worth of dinners ever since I saw it on someone's blog a while back. I don't use the crock pot much in the Summer but I WILL do this for the Fall and Winter months! I'm off to find that recipe for the Cookie Dough Dip...I'm beyond intrigued :)

  3. My 14 year old is in love with chocolate covered katies blog...score!

  4. mmmmmmmmm. It even looks good! Going to give it a try!! Thanks for sharing! ~L

  5. Great idea! It's hard to get healthy meals on the table after a looong day at work, and I love the idea of do-ahead meals. Maybe I'll tell my hubby that the Dreamsicles in the freezer are made out of beans. Do you think he'd fall for it? Funny.

  6. I would have pulled my hair out... no wonder you had to make that cookie dough dip! You deserved and award for all of that food prep... Holy frijoles...


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