Friday, July 6, 2012

Fridays Letters - The Summer Edition

Dear readers, 

The last time we were together, I said my summer was going to be full of wine, lake living, and exercise. Well, exercise has certainly been on the menu! My sister and I spent a week wrestling, swearing, whining about successfully dealing with tannin stains in order to prep her cabinets for painting:

The actual paint goes on in a few weeks. It's going to be BEE - U - TEE - FULL!!

We also ran a little every day; nothing like jogging with your sister. In 95 degree heat. She's toughening me up ;)

As for the wine, we also decided to not eat or drink past 8:00 pm, in order to give our bodies a chance to have a 12-hour fast and to burn some fat. It's been almost impossible easy to not have anything but water after 8:00. So far, so good!

Dear Global Warming,

Sorry I doubted you.

Dear Crazy, Cycling Neighbors,

You have had a little while to get your cycling legs under you. I have been barely jogging, but not cycling. Maybe taking me out for a 20 mile bike ride in 96 degree heat was a bit much...unless you were trying to kill me? Good thing my sister had me running every day to acclimate me to sweating buckets exercising in this heat.

at 7.8 miles...only 12.2 to go...
Dear Goodwills in this area,

Thank you for always coming through for me. I found a bunch of little things to transform into decorative pieces with my DIY chalk paint. Thanks for also not jacking up the prices.

Dear Hydrangeas,

Wow, you have EXPLODED!! As have all the plants around my deck. Guess not pruning last year was a good thing. Hydrangeas for everyone :) 

They're usually pink, but there's an explosion of blue and purple this year. So pretty!

No, really...feel free to clip some to display in your home. I can't possibly use them all.

A window from the old cottage that we saved in the remodel, an old ironstone pitcher that makes a perfect vase - my favorite summer display.

Dear Pinterest,

I'll be looking for 'drying hydrangeas' pins soon. Of course, I'll forget what I was looking for the instant I see that transformed dresser/cool jewelry/yummy dessert recipe/funny e-card...

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!


  1. Okay, forget everything else and look at that view from your house!!! Who cares if you're sweating! Just take a flying leap into the lake and instant Nirvana!

    Enjoy your fit and slim summer. :@

  2. Sister time is always great even if they put ya to work and make you sweat all the water your body is composed of! LOL The view from your house is awesome and the hydrangeas are so pretty.

  3. Jim confused as how I didn't know your house was on the water!? Super fab - love the update, have a fab summer <3

    1. Sorry for the confusion Kristen! This is our vacation home which is now 8 hours away from our new house in Maryland :( I'm spending July getting some use out of it and loving every minute of it.

  4. My first visit to your blog and I LOVE it. The hydrangeas are amazing. It's official - after just one visit I am your newest follower.

  5. You're my kind of gal - well, the wine drinking part anyway! I try to limit my exercise to my basement on these sweltering days.

    And you're a hydrangea loving gal after my own heart! They are amazing - I plan to dry loads of them this year too.

  6. Oh, you crazy person, you! Glad you didn't keel over from dehydration and insanity!

    I'm glad you are having a good time on your vacay from life... It looks beeeee-U-teee-ful there! Those hydrangeas are amazing!!!

  7. I also thought your house in MD was suddenly on water lol. Well that is a very lovely view from your vacation home. I've seen a few homes on my block with very lovely hydrangeas and if I didn't have any morals I would definitely clip a few :(.

  8. Oh Jill!. ¡Me vuelven locas las hortensias!.¿Qué tal si fletamos un avión a España lleno de ellas?. Me han gustado tanto que he hecho una entrada en mi blog, con tus hortensias para el próximo día 26. Muchas gracias por tu hermoso blog.


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