Friday, August 31, 2012

Hopping on the Black Door Train

Have you seen the pins of black doors? Do you love them, or are they the exact opposite of what color doors should be?  The images knock me out and make me want to go on a door painting spree! 
I love this one especially:

So high-end looking! But if you're looking for pics of black doors in my house...well, here's where I let you down gently. 

There is a one black door in the house now, but it's my take on it.

Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

This is what I've been calling the Breakfast room, just a few days after we moved in. Notice the 1960's paneling and light fixture. This is door to the garage, and it's functional, white, and blah blah boring. 

If you've been following me for awhile, you know I painted the paneling and built a little pipe shelving unit/bench

Well, the door got a little makeover too and here it is, as a chalkboard:

It started with just a corner cut out design, but needed something.

I didn't have a stencil, but free-handing it wasn't really cutting it:

yep, needs a little clean up

 Coming back after a day off, I found the patience to clean the swirls up a bit:

real shopping list, don't judge
And we needed a place for the chalk; enter a scrabble tile holder stuck to the wall next to the door:

I just love the black color in this room, and that my hubs can add stuff to the list (apples were his addition).

Now about the rest of the doors in the house...

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  1. I love the black chalk door. Your added touch with the swirl design in the corners looks nice. Wine and tortilla chips make my shopping list every time...I won't judge - not me. I love painted paneling too. Looks wonderful.

  2. Love your chalkboard door!!! You are going to have SO much fun leaving messages on it. Remember to erase the private stuff. Just sayin'. Hehehe.

    I would never have chosen black for a front door, but there are 2 beige stuco houses in our neighborhood with glossy black doors and they look gorgeous!!!

  3. It's FANTASTIC! I LOVE black doors, but this is the coolio-est!!!

  4. Jill that is an awesome upgrade to a boring ol' white door! And I love that you went back and added the swirls it really completed chalkboard area :)

  5. so fun! i love the corner details! come on ride the train, n ride it! ;)

  6. Cute, the black definitely grounds the space. Great choice!

  7. I painted all the doors in my home black and I'm really loving them. I wanted to paint my garage door in chalkboard paint just like you did but my hubby thought it sounded like a weird idea. I'm going to show him your post and say "See, I told you it was a good idea!". It really turned out so, so cute :)

  8. I'm thinking about jumping on the black door bandwagon myself. I think it would class up my foyer for sure! Love your chalkboard take on it - perfect for a mudroom.

  9. That is a beautiful door. Blackboard! Door! :)
    Love what you did. I saw someone on pinterest posting the idea to paint the inside of your grocery cupboard with chalkboard paint so that you can write down all you need when you see you need it. So I went looking for chalkboard paint, as this would save a few pads of notepaper (and trees by default) in our house (you just take a photo with your cellphone as you leave the house to go do the shopping). THEN I found a chalkboard decal though. And it was may more money, but you know, it was just really a case of me NOT having one more thing to do. So I bought it and it works GREAT!.

    But yours looks fantastic.

  10. Your door does look wonderful. What a clever treatment for that room.


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