Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday's Letters - The Diet Edition

Ugh. Never say Diet, right? It has DIE in it, right? No more cupcakes! No more indulgences! No more yummy food! Who wants to diet??

If you're tired, bored, or just not interested in people who are trying to lose weight, stop reading now because this is Friday's Letters - The Diet Edition!

Dear Self,

You know you were in denial about exercise and losing weight right? The first half-marathon you ran in Oct of 2011, you didn't really lose any weight...maybe 3 lbs. Got in shape? Yes. Improved cardio health? Yes. Lost weight, not so much.

If you were thinking it was going to be different training for the next half (definition of insanity...), well surprise! Same thing; improved health but no weight lost. Wohn, wohn.

Dear Doctor,

Thank you for putting it in terms even my Lost-in-Denial Self could understand: "Exercise is great for maintaining weight; your diet is what will determine whether you lose or gain weight."

Dear Self,

Time to get real. After getting results from the blood tests, there is no more waffling about health. Either lose weight, improve your diet, or (cue dramatic music) duhn, duhn, duhn...suffer the consequences.

Dear DVR,

Thank you for allowing me to skip all those commercials in prime time that are geared towards making me want to eat not so healthy foods after dinner. Best invention ever.

Dear Pinterest,

It's hard to surf you without seeing tons of recipes for food that would feed my food addiction. Can you make a non-food version and let me spend my hours perusing beautiful crafts, furniture redos, and home decor again? Kthx :)

Dear Sister,

Thanks for leading the way and starting this diet and exercise journey before I got serious about it. You give me a goal to shoot for (losing at least as much as you do - LOL!), and keep me motivated even though you're far away.

Thank you. You are the best, and easiest, website for counting calories and keeping track of food and exercise. And no, I'm not being sponsored by them - just love this tool for helping me stay the course. I am a yo-yo dieter, I see this now. My goal is to get to and maintain a healthy weight, along with a healthy attitude towards food.

So far, I've been walking several times a week and keeping track of my food. It's working so far, but this is not a diet; it's a lifestyle. When the weight comes off, I'll be able to have a splurge every once in awhile. Not every day, but occasionally. I cannot live without cupcakes :) With the holidays coming up, I'll probably eat more than is necessary, but in the long run, my goals are attainable. 

To anyone out there who is struggling to lose weight, what's working for you? If you want to join My Fitness Pal and friend me for mutual motivation, register (it's free) and look up sbrchick. 

Good luck everyone!


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this while sitting on my 10 pound overweight behind. I wish you luck in your lifestyle change and I think you will be very successful with your healthier outlook. I know I need to change things up, too......soon.

  2. I totally feel your pain! Lately I have had a pretty steady fitness routine, but my eating is all over the place. I am definitely maintaining my not so desired weight just fine. Ugh. Radical food changes need to happen and I'm crossingm y fingers that I have the will power to do it and stick to it.

  3. i have been trying to focus on my eating lately... i cut out bread for the most part and you know what happened? at first i felt great and saw a difference. then over the last week i noticed exhaustion, headaches, etc.... i put two and two together last night..... anemia. so now i need to either eat more bread or get pills.... or something. BOO. there is always something, isn't it. darn aging bodies.

  4. It's all about the food. Diets are usually ridiculous and set you up for failure. Eating healthy IS a lifestyle. I never understood that until I changed my eating habits. I found healthy foods that I love and can eat regularly without feeling like I'm missing out. That's the key.

  5. Bella is right... I don't diet anymore. Ever. I just try to eat what is good for me. Unfortunately, I gained like, 30 pounds in between eating well. UGH.

    You can do it!

  6. I will remember to look you up. I'm slowly getting my mind ready for the giving up phase. Have to tell myself I'm ready to give up my thunder thighs.


  7. Like you said, it's not about diet. It's about a lifestyle choice.
    Change your mind, and change the way you see food. Then and only then, will everything fall into place.
    Also remember the following:
    Baby steps - take it slow and be patient
    All tastes, except the preferences for sweet or salty, are acquired (learned) tastes. It takes about 8 weeks to change a taste preferences.
    Just do your best and don get discouraged. If you indulge, just say so what! And get back to it the next day - guilt is the biggest issue with food.

    Enjoy the journey!


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