Thursday, October 18, 2012

Well, well, well; another project finished! I'm on a bit of a roll, aren't I? Unfortunately, these are just the pieces and the whole room reveals...well, they reveal that I'm not getting much done in the overall completeness department :) Oh well, they're a start to the whole process.

For today's post, everyone loves a good furniture transformation and here's my latest:

It has nice, simple legs

It has a formica top, but I'll forgive that because those handles are so sleek!

Master Bedroom Reveal...wohn, wohn. Seriously, this room will probably be the last thing done so just ignore the pale green, banged-up walls, the old bedding, and lack of any interest anywhere in the room. Focus on the deliciousness of my sleek, modern dresser :)

The sides are real wood and a pretty grain, so they stayed as is. The drawers got a glossy, ultra-white white - love the contrasting look!

This is how it started out; a little banged up, with a formica top, and nice...but a little bland. Nothing really pops out here.

This is my attempt at a little art. Sad. I lived with it for awhile and decided that it just wasn't going to work and am so glad I bit the bullet and painted the drawer fronts!

Hope you're all having a fun Fall!


  1. This is a trip down memory lane for me. My sister and I had a very similar set in our bedroom in the house we grew up in. I used it when we were first married, and then it went to my brother's lake cabin. You've jazzed it up nicely with the glossy white paint!

  2. i love the sleek white drawers- they highlight the shape well. and the legs are so cool!

  3. Awesome!! Love the sleek 2-toned look. Well done!

  4. Oh, that is groovy! I love the white drawers, girl... it looks awesome.

  5. Rolling rolling rolling.... keep that furniture paint'n going.....


  6. Sweet! The dresser was pretty fab as it was...but now it's on a whole other level. Love the contrast!

  7. Jill...I try freehand art sometimes, too....for some reason I never like my own art. That dresser looks great with white drawers. Very modern and sleek.

  8. You should really see how much the rest of the world are doing, then you'd realize how much you are getting done.
    You are inspirational. I take a yer to finish anything and if the room needs painting, I get someone to do it for me and in the simplest way.

    Your creative touch really made this a special piece! Well done.

  9. This is awesome!! I'm so glad you painted those looks so sleek!


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