Sunday, March 20, 2011

Planning, Doing, Redoing, Back to Planning...

Meh. I've been so busy creating Facebook pages, blog posts, Etsy storefronts, figuring out all the settings, reconfiguring settings, deleting and redoing settings…arrrrrgh! There has been no time to actually PAINT and CREATE!  

Had a minor panic attack when I changed my Amazon email and lost a lot of information on my account. Changing the email seemed to change/lose some information, and not other. Very strange. They have a neat little chat service that hooked me up with help right away. Now I have even MORE work to do in order to get my information associated with the new account - my Kindle, Android, pc and Mac, my gift card balance (!)…this is a major time-sink!

Maybe time management skills would have been something to learn earlier. What's that book? Habits of Efficient People? Do they make a Cliff Notes for that??

Oh, and I realize the banner photo makes it hard to see my blog name. Take new picture - check. Even more work - check. Not that I'm feeling cranky this Sunday morning or anything, but...  I'm so excited about my new venture! 

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