Saturday, March 19, 2011

Setting up an Etsy Shop - JunkyVagabond!

Well, Etsy seems to be a good place to start. My shop name is JunkyVagabond...why you ask? Because it sounded good to me at the time. I know, I know...there should be a deep-seated connection to my name and the shop and what it embodies. Um, right. I like junk from thrift shops and a vagabond seems like someone who doesn't settle down to one thing. Describes me and my shop after all.

Why can't someone write a book called Etsy for Dummies? Maybe I should research that to see if it's already been done. One of my biggest problems is that I need a step-by-step instruction manual to get things done. Doing things by the seat of my pants is a surefire way to overwhelm me and kick in my procrastination phase.

Oh sure, there's a Seller's Handbook. It lists lots of options. It explains a lot of options. What it doesn't seem to do is have a chapter called "Setting up a shop for lazy folks, with the absolute minimum of effort." Now that is a much needed chapter! Who's with me?

So, after much plagiarism of other shops' policies I have come up with the basics of shop policies. I had a paypal account already, and now all I need is a banner. There are a couple of good how-to's on that, unfortunately I either don't have the tools or the know-how to actually do it as described. ARRGGGHHHHH! For now, there's a generic banner which isn't me or my shop at all. Bear with me while I figure this out get help from my hubby on this. 

The shop now needs items to sell; vintage (junky) items, painted canvasses, and mixed-media plaques. Much work is in my future...

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