Saturday, March 19, 2011


Well, here is my first post in my newest endeavor and I'm excited and a little scared. At the age of 47, I have traded in a successful corporate career to reinvent myself as an artist and writer. This blog is a 'tell your truth' blog, and is very scary to a woman who isn't used to letting people in to her personal thoughts and dreams.  Now here I am letting the entire blogosphere in...I must be crazy!

Here's the scoop on what you'll see in this blog: an honest account of my new focus on art and writing and how I've come to this decision, explorations of fun projects I'm undertaking, random thoughts on creativity, and..........I can't guarantee there won't be an occasional rant on current events.

Here's what you won't see much of: remodeling/decorating of my own home - which I have no beef with, but my home is pretty much 'done' and therefore, there isn't a lot of fodder there. Reading about other bloggers' home updates is so inspirational, but if I do anything more to my house my husband is bound to notice. Although my office does need some help an overhaul, and the front porch is falling apart...

Here's a quick peek at some of my recent projects: 

This is my first ever painting, so while it's not exactly polished, I like it. I've created a few more things that I am planning on putting in my Etsy shop:
(disclaimer - no items are in the shop yet. I'm trying to get this all done as fast as I can!)

Some cute painted-on-canvas signs
After I took this picture, I drilled a hole in the top right corner
and hung a vintage key and coffee charm on a key ring.
Now why didn't I take a picture of that?

For our neighbors - again, AFTER this picture I added a wire with beads strung
on it for personality...just like the Parkers :)  (They have personality, not beads...)

These are examples of what I can create. I have a few more ideas, so check back in often...

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  1. Sorry about the awful quality in these photos! I am diligently reading other bloggers who have thoughtfully posted about getting the best shot possible:, and

    I promise to post better and better pics!


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