Monday, March 28, 2011

What is Art?

Over the weekend, I was challenged on my concept of art. Over the years, I’ve done many different types of DIY and crafty projects, but only just started putting paint on canvas in a traditional sense. An offhand remark was made that what I was creating was more ‘crafts’ than ‘art’. Although it was meant as helpful feedback, I have to tell you that conversation deflated me…for about a second. I might not be classically trained in anything (unless you count a college degree and 10 years as a networking goddess), but I feel like an artist when I take materials, put them together, and create something.
My Roses and Lilacs acrylic painting

A gift for my sister

How do you define art; is it defined in the narrow sense of the word and can only be produced by classically trained artists? Oil paintings or marble sculptures are the only things that count? If art is something of beauty and if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, art can be anything. Art is a child’s painted handprint on notebook paper, it’s shells hot-glued onto a framed picture of a beach wedding, it’s anything embellished, painted, or sewn. As long as it’s beautiful to you, it’s art.
Take a look at these crate stairs from Funky Junk Interiors

And who said art can’t be adorable? Check out this from Remodelaholic

These might not be your style, but it’s art in my book. It inspires me.
I’m not comparing my work to what anyone else is producing. However I hope by making the attempt to follow my long-delayed dreams, I can inspire another person who’s been holding back, for whatever reason, to make that first step.

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