Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lazy Saturday?

More bloggy goings-on, and a lot of new projects bubbling up.

About the blog:
It didn’t seem like it was going to happen, but I can state with almost 67% certainty that the blog design and inner workings are done. The uncertainty comes from not knowing what I don’t know. I think it’s set up ok, but there may be problems I’m not aware of yet. If anyone sees a problem when viewing it in your browser, let me know and I’ll attempt a fix.
Oh, and before everyone says “your font sizes are wonky” (…wonky is such a fabulous word…) let me say I know about the font sizes. Writing in a text editor and pasting it into the blog doesn’t work nicely. Or I just haven’t figured it out. And I’m too lazy to retype it.  If there’s anything else that you notice, drop me a line, or what the heck? put it in the comments. I like comments, even corrections. It means someone cares. 
And the projects:
The photography skills are coming along. Still figuring out the best way to capture some things, the right lighting, props or no props, but it’s coming along. After seeing the sunshine and being lulled into thinking it was warm-ish outside, I dragged some things outside and started setting up shots. After about 5 minutes, my fingers were frozen. I might have rushed a few shots. Probably.
There might be something about photo composition while in one’s own dead-from-winter-didn’t-prune backyard that I should take into account when looking through that viewfinder. Looking into a lightbox setup - thanks Anne for the professional tip! See her work here.
These babies are getting the decoupage treatment, maybe some embellishments

This can be made pretty again, just wait and see

I LOVE this curvy piece!

I have a couple of these little crates to play with. Hmmm...

That's my lazy Saturday - hope you're having a fun weekend!

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  1. I like the outdoor pictures. No "wonky" fonts on this end. The background was perfect...rustic.


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