Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm Versatile!

Thank you Kirsty from Kirsty Girl for the Versatile Blogger award! More bloggy love for me - yay! I'm honored that someone thought I was versatile and not just scattered. Kirsty has the most amazing photography -  you should really go check out her blog and hang out awhile looking at all the beauty she's captured on film.

Step one - giving thanks to the one who awarded me as a Versatile Blogger
Step two - a list of 7 random things about me
Step three - pass this award on to 15 newly discovered blogs

Ok, I just gave you 10 things about me in this award post. Here are 7 totally random things off the top of my head:

  1. Started going gray at the ripe old age of 20
  2. Am a bit of a control freak, but am working on it
  3. Am a little hard of hearing, but it's only bad when there's background noise
  4. Love thunderstorms
  5. Can speed-read
  6. Used to HATE the color orange, but am a recent convert 
  7. Never light any candles; have them in the house, but never burn them
On to the Passing On Of The I'm going to not follow the rules and keep the chain mail to a minimum by passing this on to one very deserving blog.

And the Versatile blog is......

...Full Circle Creations. I discovered her on a blog hop somewhere and was so glad to have found her because she has wonderful creations and DIY projects that most of us could at least attempt. She definitely deserves some more readers for all that creativeness.

Check out  when you have time to browse and are feeling crafty!

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