Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Makeover? Yes, Please!

An awesome (or crazy, depending on how you look at it) woman named Mandi who writes a fantastic blog about craptastic stuff called Vintage Revivals is offering herself up as a sacrifice makeover guru to one deserving person.

I. Need. This. 

Look at my office, inherited from my Gator husband
c'mon - orange and white with a blue stripe??

no storage to speak of

an attempt at decorating...epic fail

my work (?) area
a normal day in the life of my office

work lights, light boxes, mailing boxes, and a cat perch - everyone sing "one of these things is not like the other, one of these things, doesn't belong..."

the stuff is now 2 rows deep

yep, this is really how it looked this morning - inspiring, right?

I'm trying, really.

The pictures say it all. I have no room to work, to blog, to create. I have orange, blue and white walls. I'm not sure there's a primer invented that will cancel those colors out. I've inherited his 'executive' desk, which is also where the CFO of the family (me) has to pay bills, file bills, shred bills. I would be open to ANY idea to make it more functional. It's depressing just looking at the pictures.

Thank you if you do vote for me. My eyes especially thank you.


  1. LOLOL! Such a fun post! I love the gator stripes and picture! So awesome. We could do so much fun stuff on this place!! Thanks for linking up and good luck my dear!!

    Love your guts

  2. I voted for you because I am a bulldog and will do anything to help someone get rid of Gator decor! ;) Good luck! meagan (at)

  3. I voted for you too! I am 47 as well, and redoing alot of things in my life. I think we have alot in common.


  4. Thank you for voting for me - it's really very sweet! Wish me luck, I've even got my hubs and brother roped into getting their friends helping me out :)

  5. Voting is open, and I just cast my vote for your room! I even talked about you in my latest blog post.

    I hope you win! (And that you share the behind the scenes. I loved Mandi on the Nate Show!)


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