Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trash to Treasure, Part 1

In my curb alert post, I showed you some items that were set out as trash, destined for the landfill. With a little makeover, one of these items is going to be a great addition to my home.

Here is the first look I got at it, on the curb (and without the benefit of a long-range lens):
I snagged the drawer units and that little lamp table/magazine rack

Here's a better look at this project in it's not-too-sorry 'before' state

Basic black metal and formica top. I checked before the project got started and the lamp works - yay! Now to make it a little prettier...

First thing was to take off the wood top:

Actually...I sanded the top first, then realized it was easily removed. Nothing like doing things backwards and making it it harder!
Sanded it smooth-ish

Spray painted it my new favorite - Oil Rubbed Bronze:
Threw it in the yard on top of my recycling bin, with a drop cloth and it was super easy!

This is the difference in finish from oil rubbed bronze and the flat black...much better!
I tried to get a close up of how this ORB paint sparkles in the sun:
Hard to see, but it has a subtle sparkle in the bronze...too bad it won't show up in my basement :( I'll know it's there though.

What to do with the top is a tough decision - it was a generic formica medium-toned damaged wood top. I sanded and primed it and had a decision to make on color to paint...darker? Lighter? Somewhere in between? Our basement is dark and masculine, so a lighter top didn't seem right. A glazed and distressed top wouldn't work, so I went with a dark brown color (knowing I could change it easily.)

Here's the first coat:

It's a little darker in person, but it may get some other kind of treatment. It's only paint, right? A dry-brush of something darker maybe. I thought about spraying it the same ORB, but decided against it. Maybe something really creative like...

That's all for right now while I'm deciding what to do with it next. The bottom part turned out so well, the top should look good too! Any ideas out there?


  1. We once had that same exact table!! We sold it several moves ago during a garage sale. Love the paints you used!!

  2. Looks like you got some great stuff ~ I used to that type of collecting and refinishing ~ now into mixed media art ~ Great job ~ looking forward to future photos ^_^

  3. Wow, that's so neat! I have no recommendations because I'm lacking the crafty and creative gene. Great post!

  4. Awesome finds...and even awesome-r makeovers! I wish I could find stuff like that on the curb!

    Thanks for the kind comment you left me today! I'm your newest follower and am so excited to explore around.

    Turning a House into a Home

  5. Since you like sheet music, you could always put it on the top. I can't wait to see what you do with the drawers. I'm jealous because I can think of several uses for those drawers.



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