Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bright Light! Bright Light!

I awoke today to this was so bright...what could it be? Did the hubs leave a light on when he left hours ago for work? Was it...could it be...the SUN?? Hallelujah, it was sunny and it was warm at Jill o'clock!

After immediately rolling over to see if I could sleep through it for a few more minutes (which was a 'NO'), I hopped out of bed realizing this fabulous happening should not be wasted. I was going to be able to spray paint! And it would dry quickly! Yay!

Here's how I set it all up:

Well, that's not spray paint. After standing in my office for 5 minutes debating what to paint, I hauled out all my junky finds that needed cleaning. For some reason, that task kept getting put off...

Today was sunny and a perfect day for a little cleaning. Something about sun makes me want to clean and this stuff got tagged. I REALLY wanted to do this instead:

but the cleaning had been put off long enough.

The bucket was filled with soapy water, there was a variety of cleaning implements and tools, and my phone for tunes.

This is a craftsman tool box that for all my research, can't be identified specifically. The lock doesn't work either, so I took it out thinking it could be rekeyed or something.

It cleaned up nicely:

This is the lock cleaned up - if anyone (or their hubby) knows what this blue craftsman tool box is, please contact me and I'll give you more details on it.

This potato chip can is so funny - it's labeled a 'health food' and to go ahead and 'feast without fear'! You can see how well this cleaned up - a little baking soda and water and presto! Clean and no damage to the finish.

This lamp was left at the cottage we bought, and it's been sitting in a closet for 7 years:
It still works!
A little steel wool and it's shining again!
I took it apart to get it all clean :)

This lamp comes from the era of one plug per room - check out how long that cord is!

Remember I showed you these handles saying they would shine up nicely? Guess I was right:
This has been hanging around my office for months:

After taking it apart and carefully cleaning it all

it's quite a pretty color! I don't know...even though it has some scratches and tarnish, it's in really good condition and I kind of like the orange.

And I've been waffling on this for awhile, should I keep it or sell it. I think it has to go. Which means I had to clean it...maybe that's why I was waffling?

It took me awhile to get all the pencil shavings out, but after a quick swipe on the body and keys, and this baby shines! It has a cracked roller, but I don't really think people would buy it to actually use you? Wouldn't it be more of a conversation piece? It does work perfectly except for the roller issue.

This cleaning was supposed to be quick and gotten out of the way so I could work on what I really wanted to work on...but 3 hours later...I'm pooped and sunburned. Some prep work was done on the table, and I feel good about where that project is. More on that tomorrow with an 'in-progress' report.

Until then, has the spring cleaning bug hit you yet?

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  1. The sun has been out for 2 days in a row..I've been spray painting!! Cleaning next!!!
    Have a great weekend.


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