Friday, May 6, 2011

Perfection is Overrated

Yay! Every project I finish, no matter how small, is a success! There are quite a few things that have been hanging around my office, just waiting for me to hurry up and finish them.

This little box was the perfect size to hold the pieces of small projects sitting on my desk, cluttering up the place. The original design was not so perfect though.

Basic little wood box
Painted black

After painting it black, it sat in my office mocking me. I was thinking of decoupaging it with something from The Graphics Fairy, or painting it with some decorative words, or something. Nothing seemed to be the right way to go, which means I did nothing.

Today, I was sitting at my desk and looking at the little bits and pieces scattered all over my desk. It would be nice to have it all collected in my box, in the corner of my desk, where I could see it but not have to move it to work on something else.
Stalled project...

Do not adjust your screens, this is my desk AND my project box in its corner...sitting on top of what should be sitting IN it

Well, who did I think was going to finish this project?? I realized I was suffering from project freeze. It had to be THE perfect decorative box and because nothing seemed perfect, it couldn't be done. Anyone else feel like that? As soon as I realized the problem was me, the solution seemed easy.

The box didn't need to be fancy; it needed to be cute and useful. Out came my paint pen, and I thought about stenciling something, but in the end just free-handed the wording.

If it gets crazy, I'll turn this side to face me to remind me nothing is that bad ;)
Ahhh...all those little pieces corralled neatly in one cute box!

Pay no attention to the crowded shelves and floor beyond my desk...

Sometimes, you just have to do it. It's only paint, right? What projects are you stalled on?

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  1. OMG!(to quote your box) That's the main reason I started a get me unstalled on unfinished's helping a little bit. I bought an inexpensive chandalier last fall with plans to have it turned into a Swedish-looking chandy by Thanksgiving. Ummm, well it's almost summer now. It has been moved around the house, the carport, etc. (in its original state) about 100 times. Hopefully it will be the next project I get to do.


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