Sunday, June 5, 2011

Is This What I Think It Is?

This is just a quick post to link up to Junker Newbie's Would You Buy It Wednesday link party. This is one of my first thrift finds and it caught my eye right away.

My first thought is it is some kind of server, and I was thinking of spray painting the metal parts. The glass cups are 1.5 cups each and the whole thing turns on its stand. The whole thing is in really good condition, with a few scratches in the bottom of the metal lids.

Do you think this originally had spoons to poke out of the lids? Was it for a bar to hold olives, lemons, etc? Or something for dips?

I'm really just curious to see if anyone remembers this on their parents' shelves/bar/kitchen counter. I'd like to be able to put a name on it and googling it has been unproductive.

Help please! Thanks so much :)


  1. Hi Jill,
    it looks like something i would think like you to hold like dip or relish and things like that. i would paint it and i might even use it on a desk to hold rubber bands, paperclips. maybe paint numbers on the tops...
    i don't know, something like that but i definitely
    would have bought it!!!

  2. maybe you could also bend the clip on top together to hold photos

  3. C,1967
    It holds mustard, catsup and relish or mayo for a barbeque...a condiment holder and yes it had spoons.
    I however would paint it up and use it in an office for paper clips, thumb tacks and rubber bands :)
    Have fun!

  4. How funny! I didn't even see the fist post... she said the exact same thing! Great minds think alike Lauren!

  5. It's a 50's thing and it would hold things for the table (like maybe syrup, sugar and jam, or just different jams, or tomato sauce, etc). I know, we had them in South Africa on my grandmother's table. She had a fancy one that was all silver and funky glass with patterns and things...

    An amazing find!


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