Monday, June 6, 2011

Giving It Away

My sister asked me to help her decorate a wall in her TO! Nothing gets my creative juices flowing better than helping with a project for someone else. Doing projects for myself doesn't thrill me as much as putting something together for someone else.

She has this as an inspiration piece:

and we went to my favorite store - Michael's - to pull together a gallery wall, or at least start the process. We ended up with some scrapbook paper and some large charms.

Since she lives in another state, we didn't get any further than that first shopping experience. I figured I had enough stuff to work something up, so I gathered some items:

An Ikea Ribba frame, scrapbook paper, ribbon, sheet music, metal charms, fortunes, and other bits and pieces.

I started layering stuff together and came up with this:

T and J are their initials, by the way. And isn't it pretty how the sheet music has the word 'Romanze' in it? That's german for romance, and since we're german on our father's side and she's basically a newlywed, I love it!

I'm going to send her this as another inspiration for her 'gallery' wall. There are a ton of gallery walls out in bloggy-land, so when the time comes to pull it all together, we'll have lots of inspiration.

Anyone want to share a gallery wall of their own? Did you use just picture frames or did you sprinkle in other types of wall art? I'd love to get some more ideas - just post a link in your comment so we can all see.


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  1. This is adorable! I'm sure she's going to love it, I totally would.

    As for your question, I try to incorporate other types of wall art when hanging pictures. It makes it more interesting that way.

  2. Jill,

    What a fantastic piece. I love it! Awesome job.

  3. Jill,
    Again, so nice to meet you today!!!
    and this is gorgeous! great job!

  4. That's so cool - she's lucky to have you custom designing and decorating! And again - your creative eye is awesome! I'm not sure I ever would have come up with that from her inspiration piece!


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