Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Perfection is Overrated, Part 2

I tried another painting and ended up really not liking it. As the paint was being swirled around on the canvas, a little voice (the voice of reason) was yelling, 'Stop! That's ENOUGH!' Of course, I didn't listen.

It started out similarly to my green cloud painting

 but this is the muddy-looking end result:

The hubs said he likes it (quell surprise!)
The colors were too blended for my liking. After looking at it for about 2 weeks, my new favorite saying popped into my head...I swear in that moment, you might have been able to see an actual thought bubble near my head saying "It's only paint". I put some more paint on it:

Um. No. It sat for another few days and...all together now..."It's Only Paint." This is the same painting, with an approximation of some kind of abstract flower. I'm going to go ahead and call it abstract, instead of badly painted. In my defense, there was a lot of paint on the canvas already.

I let that dry and then worked a little more on it and now have this as the end result:

It has sat for awhile and in looking at it now, I might dabble some more with it. It's growing on me :)

In another note, my brother in law said I should put a key somewhere in the painting and make it my 'trademark'. Maybe I will when the painting are something I want to claim ;) Until's only paint!


  1. I like your end result! And I think the key idea is pretty cool :)

  2. I like it too! Good job! It just got better and better!

  3. It worked out ~ you are right 'too much' paint on small canvas ~ but you are exploring and that is great! Go for it ~ ^_^

  4. It's just getting better and better. I think what I like the most is all the texture. My paintings on canvas always seem so flat and boring - I may just need to experiment like you are doing!

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  5. I always have to tell myself that "it's only paint" too. I definitely like where your painting is going. Personally, I can't remember the last painting of mine that I was truly satisfied with - charcoal as a medium seems to work out better for me. I keep on trying with paint though... and it always helps me to remember that even Leonardo Da Vinci considered the Mona Lisa unfinished.


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