Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another One to Love

Remember a little frame I redid and gave away? Well, I miss that little frame and its cheery colors. So what's a junker to do? Get herself another one, of course!

Found this in a garage at an estate sale and love the shape of it, but not the color and certainly not the padded fabric picture! Yes, It's a piece of fabric and has foam underneath to make it puffy. Um, no thanks.

Better already

I loved the orange and aqua combo of my inspiration piece:

But wanted to change it up just a little bit. No sense doing the same thing twice, right?

A little spray paint, some antique sheet music, another fleur-de-lis stencil and...

The paint's a little flat and the paper isn't. Not a good look.

...hmmm...not exactly right just yet. Back to the shop for this one.

A little glazing to bring out some of the detail, a little de-padding to make the sheet music lay flat, and now it's blog-worthy.

Just a tiny bit of glaze brings out details in a painted piece. Now I'm on the hunt for more of these ornate frames - what's on your 'must buy' list these days?

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  1. Love that frame!! I wish I could find some like that but they are slim pickings around here.....

  2. If you see sumpin like this on my bloggy in the next, oh, few months, I thought of it first...Yes, I did. I did... Well, not really, but gosh, that would be so cute by my pinaner...

  3. I love your frame of mind :)
    Seriously, I cannot see the things you do, and the end result is fascinating!


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