Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hoot and Go Seek

Sometimes while thrift shopping, I get lucky. It's that Luck of the Irish again...

Found this little guy and snatched him up before anyone else had a chance to. At the checkout, the person behind me commented on how cute he was...BACK OFF SISTER! HE'S MINE!! (That part was with my inside voice)...I smiled and agreed.

Here he is hanging out in my crabapple tree
Trying out a different branch
Sometimes he likes to sit and smell the lavender

Other times, he likes the top of the garden trellis, way up high

And then there are days he doesn't want the paparazzi's attention
Don't worry, he came inside with me as he likes it warm and cozy :) Haven't seen him since yesterday...wonder where he got himself to now...

Whoooo's your favorite right now? Ever pick something up and upon arriving home with it, realize it's exactly what you wanted?


  1. Absolutely! And playing with your new toy is the best part, right?

  2. OMG Jill you are too funny! I have all types of things from thrift stores that I love...just can't think of one specific. Are you gonna paint your owl or leave 'im be?

  3. You are seriously hilarious! I love the photo shoot of your new best friend. He's adorable! I'm glad you found something that makes you smile! I snatched up an adorable little owl candle last week. I think I will share on Thursday (and I might have to link in your post cuz it's too funny!)

  4. Hahaha...you made me belly laugh! The paparazzi...hahahahahahaha!

  5. This is so precious! I have felt the same way - getting to the check out with something great and so happy that I happened to be the one to find and get it! I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your blog!

  6. I love the one in a sea full of lavender! That owl looks like it has a more interesting life than me!

  7. Sometimes. Never an ornament though, Usually it is a book and only after I read it would I know it... But there have been the odd item. I have a purple salt and orange pepper shaker, that took me forever to find, but everytime I use them I just feel perfection flowing through me.

  8. That is one sassy owl! It has been a while since I have set foot in a store (other than the grocery store). Perhaps one day!

  9. you girl have a weird and twisted mind sometimes. An entire post about an owl?? Love it!!!


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