Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Christmas in April!

Who doesn't love getting presents? Well, when my good bloggy friend (and soon to be IRL friend!) Gwen of The Bold Abode fame said she was giving me a present...well it was just about the nicest thing ever.

Gwen and I have been chatting about our blogs, our lives, the challenges of balancing both, and all the good things that have come since we've started blogging. She got involved in a pay-it-forward gift giving party, and chose little ole me to receive her gift!

Well, I'm knee-deep in rehabbing our recently moved-into house so I wasn't up to sleeping on the porch while waiting for her package...which she did when waiting for her package. She's kinda nutty that way.

I waited while she assured me she was working on it...and working on it...

Finally! The day arrived and my new gift was in my hot little hands!!

random glove added for privacy reasons :)
Unwrapping the gift and what do I see but complete awesomeness! Gwen knew I was working on a paisley project and thoughtfully wrapped my present in pretty paper.

Not only did I get a thank you note, a cute Bold Abode orange daisy clip, music mixes direct from Gwen and Cassie at Primitive and Proper, but a completely amazing bedazzled measuring tape...which will get used in my woodworking shop corner of the garage.

Sooo cute!!

But that's not all! The main gift is a beautiful wooden box, painted out in a lovely shade of teal, bordered with glitter, and stenciled with lyrics from a song.

The sentiment describes what we, and a lot of bloggers out there, are trying to accomplish as women, mothers, and wives...

..."Remind me that I'm be brave, smart, sweet, and BOLDER...and don't give up on what we're trying to do..."

For now, this sits on my tv stand, right where I can see it. 

Thank you so much Gwen for giving me this amazing present when I least expected it! It truly was like my birthday or Christmas :) Now, I have to go work on something worthy of this exercise...who will I give a special Junky Vagabond gift to? Who knows dear readers, it just might be you!


  1. Aww how sweet! And how cute is that blinged out measuring tape?!

  2. i LOVE it! and i may have had a little sneak peek. when you listed to the mix you will hear that quote- it's from a song i put on there by christina perri. it's seriously gorgeous and so fun! i just love gwen. and you!

  3. Yeah what Amy said. Is there a tape measure tutorial coming from Gwen soon?


  4. Yeah for blogging friends!!! Gwen can tell us about the measuring tape over lunch and cake! :) haha! Very thoughtful you ladies!!

  5. Oh, Jill!! It's so cool to see that in your home! FYI... I bought the measuring tape...totally not DIY in any way! I'm so thankful that we've connected, and I'm just thrilled that you like my gift!

  6. how fun!! what thoughtful fun gifts...and acts of kindness...glad to read this!!!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.


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