Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finally, Motivation and Inspiration!

Ok, I know my little blog has been neglected lately but it was either neglect my Junky Vagabond life or neglect my new life in my new home.  Well, you know what happened...if you're still checking to see if there have been any updates in the last millenium that is.

So now that things like drivers licenses have been updated, addresses have been changed, utilities are on - I can focus on decorating the house. Right? Turns out that's not exactly the case...

If you've seen my videos showing you what a project this house is, you'll understand how overwhelming this is. At least it is for me - the decisions! So I went to Chicago to help my sister make some home deco decisions instead :)

Working with someone else's home deco (and $) just seems to work for my motivation; we figured out a new couch, new paint for her living/dining room, new carpet, and narrowed down her kitchen cabinet one day!

Coming home, I was motivated to do something and after a morning shopping, here's what I found:

Isn't this curtain panel gorgeous? (Rhetorical) It almost didn't come home with me, but I figured it could always be returned. The inspiration fabric has the aqua and green colors that I was looking for, but also bits of yellow, which I wasn't. It may require me to change the dining room color up a bit...but that's another post for another day... I tacked it up on my wall and fell in love. The fabric lights up the living room, and makes it interesting. I'm so glad I took the chance on it!

I just love the retro fabric and the colors work so well with my green leather chairs:

There's even paint on the walls...even if it's only samples. I think the lighter one is going to be the one, but I need to see it in night light as well as day time. The darker one is a bit too blue and isn't as sophisticated...and if Ah cain't be so-fis-ti-kated in real life, my walls sure can be.

Curtains are always the hardest decision for me and now that these are perfect, I can move forward...unless my husband hates them...oh heck. I'll keep you posted.


  1. LOVE the fabric Jill! *fingers crossed* hubby likes them because they really are purdy and I think they add to that level of so-fis-ti-kation your lookin' for!

  2. Fabric looks great! And the color is pretty. You need to go find something ugly and pretend you like it so hubby gives in :).

  3. i love it! the colors are so pretty!!! i agree with janel- pick something heinous and have him pick between the two... ha ha! he is sure to like this one in comparison. in other news i got a new quilt the other day and it's bolder and i thought hubby was gonna hate it. he saw it last night and i didn't mention it had arrived... he came downstairs and said to me "i LOVE the new quilt. i really love it." i had to ask him if h was messing with me, which he was not. so you never know.

  4. One decorating step at a time my dear. Paint is a huge step for me.


  5. LOL - wonderful pattern on that material. So glad you took a chance on it too!


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