Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Little Update on the Breakfast Room

Since I've kept you waiting for so long, I'm starting to feel a little guilty about not having the BIG reveal yet. The breakfast room remodel is going in a stop-and-go fashion, mostly because I'm being a bit lazy about finishing it.

Doesn't this look like fun?

Switched out all the ugly old outlets, switches, and plates. Only had a few sparks along the way and so far, haven't burned down the house.

*If you're at all nervous about electricity - let a professional do it!*

But that's not what we're here for, is it? I'll show you a bit of what's going on.

First, I teased you with this:

That's the color on the walls, but this post is about the latest in my plethora of decisions necessary in this room makeover: curtains! My nemesis.

They are the hardest to find in that it's almost impossible to find just what I have in my head, they are difficult to put up, they're never the right length, not to mention the just seems like I can't get my head around the whole idea.

These are the inspiration curtains I found at Pier One:

Just love this much so, they are being tried out in the breakfast room.

But first, I needed a super long curtain rod. 9 ft to be exact. That's an expensive rod, so I had the bright idea of finding a better, cheaper way online. Over at House of Hepworths, she had electrical conduit spray painted black - and it was only $2 for 10 ft! Perfect! Well, I spray painted the conduit black (primed first) and installed them on my super big bow window:

Notice anything wrong with this? 10 feet is too short. Wanh, wannhhh. 

Another light bulb moment was that I could extend the rod with additions to the ends, but was having doubts about the permanence of the spray painting and sliding rings and general red-necky-ness of the additions. So yet another light bulb moment was to try plastic rings (from Ikea) to not scrape the paint off.

Well, off to Ikea I go and what do I find there? $9 extendable curtain rods that are already black. Sold! And the plastic rings work perfectly too, so the conduit goes into the garage for another project.

Now we can get to the curtains:

Bad picture, but on one side are the inspiration curtains, and on the other are white ones from Ikea. (The white sheers on the traverse rod will be leaving, as will the light fixture and flooring.) I picked up some glass finials too, but they don't really show up like I had hoped:

And the finials that came with the rod seem too small:

So you see a little of the conundrum I'm having. The white curtains are boring, but I'm leaning toward them...with some embellishments. The inspiration fabric will stay in the living room, even though they look great against the color in the breakfast room. 

What do you think so far?

I'm busy making a humongo project for one corner of this room...this one will take me a minute. I'll try to show you some other updates as it goes along.


  1. the color is so fun! i have to say though, i like the inspiration curtains better than the white- i think they add some warmth to the space. :)

  2. hmmm...I'm not sure about this one. The black and white seems a bit to stark. But the inspiration curtains a bit too busy. The white with some ribbon strips or appliques?? And the fabric as a tablecloth or chair skirts?? But love the is so bright and cheery!

  3. The wall color is great! I'm going to make this difficult and say that I like the white curtains, they brighten the room immensely (at least they do in the photo). I love the pattern on the inspiration curtains but they don't pop of the wall color like they should. I say go white and embellish.

    1. I agree with Bella, for exactly those reasons.

    2. Hi,
      I agree. Was going to suggest using the inspirations to trim out the white. Or like the idea of using ribbon creatively using iron-on pellon.
      Also, the black and white flooring is very vintage. By adding red as the accent, you would have a vintage-style (50s) room.

  4. I love the pattern on the curtains. I'll have to go to Pier 1 and check them out. I vote to keep the white curtains and embellish them because the floor sort of clashes with the paisley pattern on the inspiration curtains.

  5. I LOVE the color! And you'll figure out what you like best. It's already a VAST improvement!!!

  6. I vote for the patterned curtains. But maybe it's the style I like better with the curtain rings and overall length.

  7. loving it! very retro. I think the white ones will work nicely, unless you possibly make the coloured ones like a tapered curtain, not a tab top (does that make sense in your area?) and then you'd have to change the rod and everything so unless you have space for it, go with the white. You can always dolly it up, possibly cut out some yellow felt daisies, place a button in the middle and glu it so that they seem to fall down into the room... or perhaps flow from the bottom to the top... something. I would go with yellow though. Being very retro and all, but obviously, the colour is not very true on the screen, so you would have to decide what works for you. Red could also work, and then the black and white floors could possibly even stay. I would also have to see what you are changing the light fixture too...

    Many variables. Hopefully I had an idea that you can use....

    Looking forward to seeing the end...

  8. I just hung some white sheers in my dining room with silver grommets like those, just to have something on the window. So, I vote for the white, embellished.



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