Friday, April 27, 2012

Letters on Friday

It's Friday's Letters, where I get to ramble a little. No pictures, no projects, just some random thoughts going through my head on a Friday. Enjoy!

Dear Home Depot, 

How I love shopping with you at 7:00 in the morning and this is from a non-morning person. It's so lovely to walk down the aisles and not be jostled by other shoppers, and not have to dodge all the humongous lumber carts. It's especially nice to be able to find an employee whenever needed. Thank you for opening early.

Dear Computer, 

I may have to spend less time with you. When I spend less time in virtual life, more things get done in real life. Please don't be upset with me but sh*t needs to get done.

Dear New House, 

I promise to bring you into this century, but you must be patient with me. There's only one of me and you have 40+ years of fuuuuugly to repair. Plus like Computer, there is more to my life than your demands on my time...or there should be. 

Dear Me, 

You do not have to fix everything right. this. second. As mentioned to New House, it took over 40 years to get in this predicament, and being overwhelmed by the sheer number of projects is not going to get anything done sooner. Plus, you will enjoy the process much more if you take one project at a time.

Dear Trail Marker,

On a 5 mile run, on the second to last mile, would you be so kind as to not provide a helpful mile marker stating, "Mill Road 1 Mile" and then at the next mile marker state, "Mill Road 1 Mile" Huh? Was I running parallel to the road?? Dang, that's just cruel.

Dear Joints,

(I'm talking to you, Knees and Left Ankle so listen up)

I promise to stop running just as soon as you get me through the half marathon in May. You have been very good to me for the past 48 years, and will be rewarded by a switch to only walking/hiking, and cycling, if you can just hold out a little longer. Would you mind if I added a little strength training in the mix too? kthx.

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  1. Dear Jill: You will kick out the fugly in no time, my friend... and it will be AWESOME! And you are a complete bada$$ for even training for a half-marathon. Gwen

  2. Jill you crack me up! What a funny letter!

  3. Jill, you and I could be twins separated at birth, minus 3 years n my favor (sorry)! We, as well, are trying to get the ugly out of our 50 year old house. And, my knees, angles and then toes, at the end of it, were also complaining, during my morning laps at the pool.

  4. i think the dear me could have also said "dear me and cassie". dude, i feel ya there. :)
    you will do awesome with the running and the half and soon it will be over and you can say "I DID I!" which is more than i can say. ;)

  5. Dear Jill,
    You made a funny...and I laughed! Your house will be awesome, your joints will hold out. And you are about to rock the projects!!

  6. dear my 43 year old body,

    why won't you be nice and run 5 miles for me like jill's 48 year old body does for her? c'mon!

    you are inspiring the heck outta me, jill!

  7. Dear Jill,

    I love how you bribe your joints! Lemme know how that works for ya because I have a knee that would love to call it quits.

  8. My knees hate running! I hope everything works out for you and them!

  9. Jill, this cracked me up. Thanks for the good laugh today. You will make it one day at a time!! :)

  10. a fun post!! I figured the best shopping times too and when I have to go after work hrs I can't believe the lines...good luck with your marathon!!

  11. My knees and right ankle are planning a covert operation to talk to your knees and left ankle. Mine have been mad at me ever since I started referring to them as cankles.


  12. woah good for you running a half! take some glucosamine to help with your joints! (my husband is a PT and he always recommends it!) thanks for linking up your letters with me!


  13. Found you through your link up in Friday's Letters and glad to be your newest follower.

    And I need to learn from you about taking on projects one at a time. My to do list is miles long and I just need to focus on one thing and only one thing until it's done.

    Dana @ five30three


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