Monday, March 21, 2011

My Office Does Need a Makeover

In my first post ever -  Welcome to JunkyVagabond!, I stated there wouldn't be many posts about my own home projects. Well, here is my first flip-flop…probably the first of many. 

My office started it's life as my husband's home office. Since he worked from home for several years, he got the third bedroom as a dedicated office. About 6 months ago, he got a new job that requires him to actually go to an office outside the home. He graciously gave me the office for my own dedicated space! Woo-Hoo! Who was super excited? Me, that's who!!

I spent probably about a week getting it so that it worked as a craft room. I bought a storage unit from IKEA, rearranged the furniture that was in there - desk, computer cart, file cabinet. It's my craft room, but is also the home office for the family CFO (that would be me).

My Creative (?) Space
It's also used for Christmas storage, a cat hangout, and was starting to look like a storage room. Here are a few pictures of what it looks like 4 months after I moved in: 

stuff accumulating in corners

more corner stuff

wine crates work as storage shelving,
but I seriously need about 10 more 

projects in progress and filing piling up

At one point, my husband jokingly referred to me as Fred Sanford. I seriously need to work on this, but need to take it one project at a time. More to come…


  1. Thanks for sharing, Jill. I'm on spring break this week with a goal of organizing my computer/office/scrapbooking room. When I open the door, I get so overwhelmed that I immediately close it. I'm not very good at organizing things, so I have no idea where to start. Looking forward to your projects and progress.
    Lori (I went to H.S. with Frank)

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  3. Hey Lori, I am in a little bit of denial about how disorganized my office is, but am taking it a little at a time. There won't be any 'Extreme Home Makeovers' here in JunkyVagabond world.

    Thanks for the support and I hope there's some inspiration in here for you!


  4. what a great space, i can't wait to see it pained and with the doors in! i can't wait to have a room for my stuff!


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