Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Office Makeover - Part Deux

Here's what I was up to today as it relates to the Office Makeover. 

First up was to get rid of the big plastic storage bin. It was sitting in the corner, waiting to be sorted and then put in the basement. It was put in the most convenient basement location…which isn't its permanent location. But that's another project for another post. 

Plastic bin and tools to be put away (or at least out of the office)
Second project was to put my tools away (maybe I should say out of sight). Boy was I on a roll.

Only project for the day: hang up my pegboard. It was precariously perched and wasn't very practical in that location. I knew it needed to go on the wall next to the desk, but I was holding off on taking down my husband's 'I Love Me' wall. He had lovingly framed and hung some of the magazines in which he had written articles. That wall was needed for my own uses, but still I hated to take them down so only a few frames came down. The rest will stay for awhile.

The pegboard and framed magazine covers 

What about that paint job, you ask? Again, this was my husband's office. He got his MBA from the University of Florida in Gainesville, and these are Gator colors. He was sooooo proud of that paint job. It's going away, but not yet. Goodness, orange and blue - can you say serious prime job? 

So, back to the 'easy' job of hanging my pegboard.  I framed out a piece of pegboard last year when I learned how to use my table saw. (Sorry no pictures; that was before the birth of Junky Vagabond.) This was also before I got a real office and it was going to go into my converted closet-to-craft-area. It didn't need to look good, and I put the screws through the face of the moulding, through the pegboard, right into the paneled walls. Wasn't painted or anything. Functional only.

If it was going in my office, it needed to look nicer. And function better too. If you've ever made or hung a pegboard, you soon realize there needs to be space behind it in order to put the pegs in. It can't sit flush to the wall. 

Hmmm...spacers. Since I am a packrat tend to keep stuff that might be useful, I took a look through my useful stuff pile and found wood that holds the bottles apart inside wine crates. With a little trim, they were perfect as spacers on the back of the pegboard. Gluing seemed to be the easiest way to attach them. And it was, but a little weight and time was needed for drying. Off to make some lunch.

Spacers out of wine bottle holder thingees

Vintage books make great weights
Stomach full and glue dried, it was time to put the pegboard up on the wall. Since the screws went through the wood already, I held it up on the wall, leveled it, and pounded on the front of the frame so the screws made a small hole in the wall. After checking to make sure the holes really were level (double and triple checking is always a good idea), the anchors were installed and the pegboard hung. Not too bad as a project. 

Functional and hanging pegboard, but not pretty yet

Now to make it look pretty. When I first made this frame, I had countersunk the screws a little to make them sit at or below the frame level. Since they were sunken, I spackled the screw holes and joints with lightweight spackle so they didn't stand out so much. This stuff is easy to use, no tools needed, and it smooths down with a damp rag. 
My go-to hole filler/patcher
No tools necessary in JunkyVagabond world!
Dries in minutes too! Love it! Within a few minutes, it was primed and painted with some trim paint that was leftover from some other project. Doesn't  it look good now? And it's within arm's reach too and off the floor. Success!
All primed and painted

The finished pegboard with some of my tools

There's still a lot to be done in the office to make it my happy and productive place, but there are other projects to do; art to be created, thrift shops to be shopped, and an Etsy shop to be filled.

Oh, and check out this signature! Many thanks to Donna at FunkyJunk Interiors for the tutorial and for other great blogging tips!


  1. Thanks Jacqueline! It comes in handy for all those oddly-shaped tools one needs as a dedicated crafter.

  2. Thank you for sharing a really helpful office make over idea! No doubt any office space will look amazing when it is well-organised. Great job!


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