Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Best Laid Plans...

I tried, I really did. The plan was to get the office painted while my husband was out of town. There was going to be this great 'Before and After' moment and oh, the sense of accomplishment! Unfortunately, the Office Make Over turned into the office clean up. First rule of project management is to under-promise and over-deliver. Second rule is never forget first rule. 

What happened? Opportunity knocked, but Reality got to the door first. 

Seriously, I get distracted easily. Multi-tasking is an art form I am constantly striving to master. Getting an office painted doesn't seem all that hard, but there was a blog to configure, a Facebook page to set up, writing posts for said blog, editing photos, eating, sleeping…the list was endless. Did you read the kidding between those lines? I have it pretty easy, but I need a little perspective on this whole undertaking. 

So, here are the pictures of my office as it looks today. 

Update: I realized 'before' shots would be helpful instead of having to find the original pics in this post . Bear with me while I figure this out!

Office from doorway-before. Piles everywhere!
Desks and floor decluttered
Corner clutter
Look! There was a heat register behind all that!
My art supplies corner...and pegboard stand and paint can storage
Art supplies arranged

Wine crates make great display shelves, if you have enough of them

Wine crate shelving stocked (added 5 new crates)
Filing to be done, painting projects stacked up, tools, books, stuff not put away
Filing whittled down and projects nicely organized
Maybe getting distracted is all part of the process and I'm being a little impatient. This clean up is progress and having all my 'junk' visible makes it easier to see what's there to work with.

Maybe it won't take until my husband leaves town again to slap some paint on those crazy orange and blue walls! What I can promise you is that when that happens, I'll be posting those 'After' pics right away. 

Until then, 


  1. This is a great site! I like the way you set this up! Very interesting! Great images as well!...Daniel

  2. Thanks Daniel -any feedback is most appreciated!


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