Sunday, November 13, 2011

Luck of the Irish

Do I have something to share with you and you're going to be soooooo jealous! I'm thanking the famed luck of the Irish for this one :)

Today I went for a run, trying to maintain some sort of fitness level for the winter months. I changed the route a little for no good reason and here's what I spotted, sitting on the curb, next to the garbage! Imagine my horror!! 

  • I ran past,
  • stopped and went back to inspect,
  • rang the doorbell and asked the homeowner if I could pick her garbage (she must've thought the sweaty lady on her porch was KAH-RAZY!),
  • lugged it 1/2 mile home right then and there; I wasn't going to take the chance of going home to get the car and it being gone by the time I got back!!

It's rusty...

It's crusty...

It's heavy metal, and STURDY...

This is from some research on the web - same-ish sticker
So, I shortened the run and gained a weight-lifting session :)

After a little research, I found this is made by the Cosco/Hamilton Manufacturing Corporation out of Columbus, Indiana, circa 50's. I like the red and white of it, but it does need a little scrub down. It's just so crazy what people will throw out! This was made to last - no flimsy metal on this baby.

What do you think I should do with it? Repaint...same colors or different? Just scrub it down and seal it, keeping the rust and crust? I do think I'm going to put it on casters as the holes are there on the bottom of the legs. I'm going to let it speak to me before anything to it.

Don't be hatin' cuz you didn't find it first...

Showing this off at:

Type A Decorating Hunter Gatherer Party #2


  1. Great find! You were very wise to haul it home right then and there; we all know how quickly those roadside finds can disappear!

    It's already a great color (very Christmasy) so I would clean it up and leave it as is.

  2. I have a similar one on wheels, I use it as a potting cart. It goes where ever I am working!
    GREAT find. So handy-dandy. They can be anything =)

  3. Awesome find; and look what you did to get that treasure--you are my hero!

  4. Awesome! I can't believe you hauled it all the way home. That's something I would do too! I personally like its original colors and history so I would scrub it down and repaint it again to look new. Seriously great find!! I can't believe it was on death row to the dump.

  5. Wow, great find, all I find on my dog walks in the morning is trash! I finally noticed someone coming by in the late evening checking the trashes, so no wonder I don't find anything good! I would clean it up and coat it to keep all the rust and color!

  6. cool find I would have dragged that home too

  7. You lucky girl! I love your new find. I don't blame you one bit for snatching it up! As for painting, I love it's look now. Does Rustoleum make a clear coat to stop the rust and protect the piece? Would love to see what you decide to do :)

  8. love this! great for the garden or plant stand!

  9. Scrub and seal. That's seriously awesome! I guess it does pay to exercise :-)

  10. I can honestly say that I don't have your eye for potential. Even if I had taken it as you have, I would probably paint it the same colours. But go ahead and show us what CAN be done.


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