Thursday, November 10, 2011

Living a Charmed Life

I've had some fun with metal stamping and need to work on spacing and getting things straight. Since my epic fail on stamping silverware, I'm sticking to jewelry until some silver plate silverware comes my way.

Both my sister and I run, so here's what I came up with:

I wanted a charm of Mercury's winged sandal, but once again my fantastic idea was limited to what was available at the charm store. So I settled for a running shoe.

Going with the theme of Mercury's winged sandal in an abstract way, a set of wings charm went on the silver necklace. It could mean 'run like the wind', but that certainly doesn't describe my running style - slow and steady! This one also gets a copper charm with 13.1 to signify my half-marathon, which I ran for the American Cancer Society.

I also made a charm necklace for my niece's birthday, which was just before Halloween:

Putting charms with the stamped blanks personalize each necklace and make them fun! I hope she and my sister like their necklaces!

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  1. If they don't love them, at least you'll have something to strangle them with...(Can you tell I have 3 sisters?) hahahaha...

    They will love them! They're too cool...

  2. Jill, I love them. Congrats on the half marathon! That's great.

  3. what don't you do? really? running, stamping, painting... ugh. i'm exhausted for you!!

    but i do love that stamped look. lucky girls!


  4. Those are very cool! I have a necklace stamped with 26.2 & I've purchased one for my mom after her first half with 13.1 & a little stick runner girl on it. She loves hers & wears it all the time :)

  5. very cool! I'm sure they will love them! :)


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