Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Let's Do The Time Warp

Another thing on my wish list was a ranch with a walkout basement. Check. Just keep repeating 'Potential...Potential...'

The carpet is orange and plush. The brick fireplace with brass doors is so...yeah. But I've been madly pinning ideas that don't necessarily involve painting it white. Again, super-secret until it gets done. And have you gotten the idea that I LUV that bar? Yep, it's like the elephant in the room but it's too cool to trash. Can you see everyone gathered round while signature drinks are being made? I can :)

The rest of the lower level is only being taped cuz it's a House Tour, and them rooms is part of da house. Kinda like having a kitchen only because it comes with the house.

There you have it! My super-60s, retro-fab, untouched-until-now house. No awful granite to tear out, no funny floor plan 'fixes' to rework, no sloppily painted surfaces to sand down, and lots and lots of projects for moi.

Thanks for tuning in!


  1. Total sixites Tiki lounge! That is hysterical! You should sell those curtains on EBAY! Vintage Tiki Curtains fo' sale...only $4995! HYSTERICAL~

    You have SO much usable space...it's going to be awesome, girl!

  2. Those curtains...gag!!! But the backyard, fireplace, and big windows in that room...beautiful!! You are going to make that a happening place!

  3. oh i think you need to keep that bar for sure... at least keep it so i can come over for a signature drink before you get rid of it!

  4. What a great room to party! I'll bring the wine! So glad you're keeping that bar it is awesome...it's retro you can't kill it. You can kill those curtains though or maybe send them to Gwen or Janel since they seem to love them so.


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