Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ready for Yellow and Aqua?

Ready? Ok, you were warned! The yellow and aqua projects probably aren't what you're thinking...they are the colors of my 60s-tastic bathrooms. Oh yes, they're something all right...but first I'll ease you into it by showing you the offices.

My hubs is going to be working from home and wants a 'cool' office. He hasn't exactly defined 'cool', but that's not quite what's happening in here right now:

He does have my cool vintage desk that I painted in Graphite, so he has a start to a pimpin' office :) I'm in a MCM (Mid-Century Modern) mood - think Don Draper of Mad Men...I'll wait for ya... ok? you're back?

Every suggestion I come up with is met with a 'nah'. He even thought the lemony yellow on the walls was, no just no. The wheels are turning and he'll love what I come up with...he always does :)

Next to what will be Don Draper's office is Fred Sanford's junkyard, also known as Junky Vagabond central. Go ahead and watch the video. Imma go get a drink to hide my shame.

I'm a hoarder. After packing and unpacking this space, it's time to admit it. All this stuff that fills this office is either going to get sold in the shop or made into decor for this house. I swear it (my hubs will be happy to hear that!)

Now for a little breathing room; the Guest Room. Just imagine it without the empty boxes. Are you catching all these curtains in the house? They were made by the original owner...50 years ago I'm sure. They might actually be worth something as they're now 'vintage'...unfortunately, not all of them are cool vintage. Some are just 'oh no you di-n't' vintage.

I don't really think anything but a splash of paint and new window treatments are needed in the Guest Room; it already has new bedding and cool furniture. Whew! One room will be easy!

Watch this and tell me you don't want one:

Isn't that the coolest?? It almost works as we can sometimes get something out of it, but the wiring is old. We'll weigh fixing it with how much it will probably cost. Love it though.

Ok, are you ready? Go get your sunglasses...

There are no words, are there? The counters are truly hideous, and yellow is small doses. And not in a toilet. Or any other bath fixture.

Moving on. The Master Bedroom, which earns this designation due to the fact that it has an en suite. Sorta. You'll see.

It's big, it fits a king-sized bed, it has double closets, two windows, and has it's own bath. That's what I wished for, but seriously! I should've specified a bathroom that you could turn around in :) I'm kinda digging the aqua fixtures, but not the vanity or that hideous cultured marble top. Got some ideas, but I'm keeping them super secret until the reveal. Not a peep until then.

That's the entire first floor - I'm so excited about the potential in this house! Stay tuned for the lower level!


  1. You are going to be one busy girl. Can't wait!


  2. How awesome to have your own office! I share mine with my hubs. Every time I walk into the room I make sure not to look left because his desk is always in disarray :)

    You are going to be super busy but how much fun are you going to have making that place your own?? You'll appreciate every square inch of that house when you're done!

  3. Love the intercom! If it doesn't work, or perhaps even if you get it working, you should frame it! Just make a nice frame that it would fit into and fix it around the system. Something bold, I am thinking.

    The bathrooms are a great item. I am unsure whether I should cry or laugh, but they are most notable. I, for one, am very interested to see what you have planned here.

  4. this house has soooo much freaking potential... but you must be overwhelmed. where to start? my head is spinning for you!


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