Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Some Thoughts on the New House and New Goals...

As I sit here after another day of figuring out how this house is going to work for us, I'm trying to get some perspective on this move. We moved in record time - drove from Michigan to Maryland and exactly 30 days later closed on a house (click on the link to see pictures).

The house is a fixer and that's exciting...but a little frustrating too in that I keep finding things that don't work, or maintenance that was neglected over the years. Or finding some windows that were painted shut. That's not so exciting. Part of the problem is that we couldn't do things like paint or refinish the floors before we moved in due to the speed of it all. I guess I just want things done quickly and have to stop only looking towards the end product and start relishing the journey :) There, I've just talked myself out of my funk.

Goals for the house? Um...bring it into this century. It's 1966 all the way and just about anything we do to it is going to help. However, I really believe you need to live in a house for awhile before ripping it apart. As we live in it, the flow of the house and its function will show itself.

My first thoughts are to open up the kitchen:

It doesn't have any natural light, but if we open up that wall straight ahead, the dining room has a great window in it.

We do know one of the first things we absolutely have to do is replace this carpet:

It's pretty horrid, isn't it? Plus all the paneling in the family room, and in the breakfast room...

...and that black and white linoleum. I tried to clean it, but it's completely yellowed and scratched to go.

What I really need to do is sit back and look at all the fantastic potential in this place and take it slow as we rehab the tired old bones of this house!

Stick around for all the fun, and feel free to chime in with ideas any time!


  1. I wholeheartedly agree; I think you need to live in those spaces before you attempt to do any major reno. And nothing wrong with taking it slow...except for that scary rug rip that baby out as fast as you can :D

    Can't wait to see more of your new digs!

  2. Just think how great it's going to look when you're all done! With your talent, it's going to look amazing!

  3. I had some great comment here about the gold carpet, but I waited to long to get back to complete it and it timed out. So I'll just ask, how you gonna repurpose that?


  4. Wow, a 1966 house! It’s must be really exciting to renovate it. Just a friendly suggestion: try to touch it up with contemporary designs, but don’t let the classic rudiments fade away. That will notably give your home a bizarre and sophisticated appeal. =)


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