Thursday, March 15, 2012

The videos are done! The videos are done! 

You have no idea how much time these took; between figuring out how to work the camera, where to look, to how strange I sound/look on camera :) After a lot (and I mean A LOT) of retakes, here are the first few videos of my House Tour - The Intro and The Foyer. (If I capitalize them, doesn't it make them more important? *grin*)

(now that's a great look, isn't it?)

Yes, I said 'giving you a tour of the tour in Maryland' but by the time I realized it, my makeup was off and reshooting wasn't in the cards. And to add something to my perfectly scripted monologue (yeah, right!), selling the house quickly was a result of staging AND pricing it for the market. I talk about that in my post about Moving. Just to make sure that clarification was in here somewhere.

On to the Foyer which is an exciting room to have, coming from a house that opened right into the living room:

The sidelights are classy, no? The deadbolt is the older deathtrap kind - you need the key to unlock it - so while I love the vintage look of it, we may value our lives a bit more :)

What about those closet doors? The doors in the house are all like this - original and never painted, and all the closets have that no-mans-land up top that is impossible to get to, but is a LOT of space. Anyone dealt with those before? What did you do??

So what do you think? Keep the videos coming? I'll understand if you hate my videography, but everyone has to start somewhere, right? My thought is to show you the 'Before' videos now, and add the 'After' as we go, then have a sidebar section for the House Tour. That's the plan, Stan.

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Oh my gosh, you are going to have so much fun! Talk about a project house! It's kinda neat that nothing has been touched and you get to execute your own vision for it! AND how aWESOME is it that you each have dedicated "offices"! That in and of itself it AMAZING!

    I LOVE the videos...keep 'em comin', girl!

  2. I'm with Gwen...keep them comin'! And I'm in love with the slate floor and closet doors. Way more interesting that plain ol' hollow core doors.

  3. i would love a foyer. but it's not gonna happen. this is going to be so much fun, and exciting!! you are too cute. can't wait to see more, i want to see it all!!!! congrats girl, best wishes for you new home. xx

  4. keep em coming! i was wondering if the floor was real slate after the photos- i LOVE it! :) we are planning to do slate in our kitchen when we get to it, that is.

  5. Love the video! I can't wait to see the rest of the house! I love the foyer floor!


  6. wait a minute! hold your horses! stop the cameras!

    didn't you say you are an INTROVERT???

    you are one bold introvert, my friend!

    love the house, the videos! keeeeeep them coming!!


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