Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Cupboards are Bare(ish)

Do you mind if I stall a bit? Not quite ready to do a full reveal as there are about a gazillion things left to do before it's finished, but I can show you one thing that's done.

I had just finished putting the second coat of paint on the walls, and had thrown away everything, cleaned up, and put everything away. Then opened my pantry door and BAM! forgot about painting/fixing this:

Yuk, right? I was thrilled to have a real pantry in the new house, but the shelves were too shallow, and covered in contact paper. We wiped everything down before we moved in, but um...

 ...don't judge. We moved from one state, sold that house, and bought and moved into a new one all within 30 days. I guess I overlooked how gross the pantry really was. I don't even want to acknowledge the smeary brown sludge on the bottom there. *shudder*

Buh, bye shelves. You will be fine in the garage...under oil cans...and loaded up with paint cans.

The shelf supports are wide enough and the pantry is deep enough to handle a 14" shelf. Could I find a 14" shelf? Nooooo, but I did find 7 3/8" shelves which did just fine after doubling them up. After a complete scrub with TSP, and a coat of white, here is my 'new' non-gross pantry:

Yes, I've cropped these photos down to avoid showing you any more than necessary :)

It's amazing how much more room there is with a deeper shelf! Better get to the grocery store to fill up the cupboards again. All healthy, organic food of course :)


  1. I love it! I can't wait to see more. Those shelves look so amazing.

  2. Love love it! The shelves look awesome. Looks so nice and clean now. Great job Jill!

  3. Wow what a 180! It's so clean and crisp.

  4. Spilled pudding in the pantry, that's a beech to clean up. Or melted chocolate. Yeah, the brown sludge is melted chocolate. Add chocolate to your list of healthy foods at the grocery store ok?


  5. Deep shelves are great! Black Deep shelves in a white pantry are FANTASTIC!

  6. Love the new shelves, much better!

  7. oh wow! How much of a difference did that make?! lovely!


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