Monday, April 23, 2012

No More Birch Trees...Inside Anyway

Ok, I was punking you with my last post; I felt like being a little silly and thought I'd give you a progress update while letting on that it was the finished look.

Almost no one fell for it; except maybe one person who shall remain anonymous, but the comments were hilarious :) I don't think I'll be starting any trends or receiving any calls from Cutting Edge anytime soon.

This was the second round of priming, as the first round was with Kilz, but not the uber-smelly stain-fighting kind and it ended up brownish. Since when did Kilz branch out and make a paint that isn't what Kilz stands for - stain/smell blocking?? Shame on me for not reading the label, but dang isn't that what that brand is all about? Moving on...

I did not want that brown bleeding through the final color, so off to the paint store for the industrial strength stuff. My house still smells of it, but with this topcoat, it's definitely better.

Here's a peek at what's to come...can't show you all of it as there is a ton left to do.

At this moment, I've got three outlets that mysteriously quit working. There are curtains, shoe cubbies, and other assorted projects to be done, so I may have to leave you hanging on the reveal for awhile.

Wish me luck; and pray to the electricity gods that I figure out those plugs!


  1. now that is a gorgeous color! don't leave me hanging for long!

  2. Love that color! And come on, you can show more than that!

  3. that color looks So fun! i can't wait to see. how bout a fb groovy preview.??? ;)

  4. Sad to see the birch effect going *sigh

    But I do love what I'm seeing so far. GREAT color! And I'm all for a groovy preview too!

  5. OHHH, I wasn't expecting that color! I even said OHHH at the computer, but it was more like a sound effect not the word oh. Can't wait to see the room.


  6. That is a great color! And yes that stuff is smelly but it works! I've learned my lesson on not getting the smelly stuff lol


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