Friday, April 20, 2012

A Whole New Look

Paint! It's a wonderful thing, isn't it? My breakfast room is paneled and I've transformed it with you guessed it - paint!

Ugh. But the good thing is that I like the look of painted paneling, if not the actual process of it. As I was doing the prep work, I stepped back and decided it was actually kind of like a log cabin but vertical. We have a historical log cabin on my trail run, and it really has that look.

The more I looked at it, the more I liked it! It's not everyone's cup of tea, but as bloggers we need to keep coming up with new and different things, right? Well, here is the first look at my 'log-cabin-chic' style:

More photos in the next few days. With this new look, the light which was awful before now makes sense. Plus the black and white floor adds a certain eccentricity.

What do you think? Think I might start a trend??

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  1. Ach!!! Just say no. I will send you a light. I will spring for it myself. And even bring it to you if I must.

  2. A trend of friends telling their friend to not drink and paint at the same time...hahahaha...

    Looking forward to more pics!

  3. i'll go in on the light...and finish your half-arsed paint job as i drive by on my return trip north!! 'course i'll be bringing 3 kids and 2 dogs with me so you may want to get a head start!!!

  4. I think perfect vertical stripes are SO played out. I think you're onto something here. Ima pin this b*sh! :D

  5. i think i might paint my walls like that, too. i don't have paneling, but i could rip out the drywall and put paneling up. ;)
    love bella's comment!

    1. Let have a party and install paneling in Cassie's house...hahaha...we might have to get her drunk first, though.

  6. Well I hear tell that vertical log cabin siding makes people look taller and thinner as then stand in the room. Let me know if that is true cause that is about the only thing that would make me like the trend you are starting.


  7. If I squint, I can kind of see a "birch tree" stencil motif going on. I'm pretty sure Cutting Edge or one of the other big companies is going to be contacting you very soon with offers to buy out your design!

  8. I like the light. I think that's the coolest thing in the room.

  9. I'm glad you linked this to the definitely qualifies!! Cause it looks awful! Good thing you weren't planning on leaving that!


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